OCBC RoboInvest — the investment solution for your busy life

Invest with ease and peace of mind with OCBC’s robo-investment service

The advancement in technology has led to launch of services that were previously thought unimaginable, especially in the fields of finance, healthcare and services. From the way we shop, wine and dine or perform banking, technology and its applications underlie every aspect of how we live, work and play. OCBC ups the ante in the investing space with OCBC RoboInvest, Singapore’s first bank-based robo-investment service. With OCBC RoboInvest, OCBC customers now have an efficient and effective means of devising and executing their investment strategy from the comfort of their home.


With OCBC RoboInvest, you can wisely allocate your hard-earned savings where you get to reap the maximum returns with minimal effort. You also gain breathing space to do the things that really matter to you, and leave the rigours of day-day investments behind. Unlike the past where you probably get worried about deriving an investment portfolio that matched your lifestyle or personality, OCBC RoboInvest takes care of everything. Leveraging on the latest intelligence technology, OCBC RoboInvest empowers you with 28 thematic portfolios backed up by market research and insights from a comprehensive suite of stocks and Exchange Traded Funds. Thus, it brings you the best of both worlds — technological know-how combined with human expertise to help grow your wealth.


Whether you are a time-strapped working professional, an investment rookie or a hands-on individual OCBC Robo Invest provides the perfect gateway to access reliable investment solutions quickly and conveniently, minus the legwork. For harried parents, competing demands from career and family can drain your energy and quality me-time, and a fuss-free investment plan without the need for close daily monitoring, is a godsend. OCBC Robolnvest is your answer with an intelligent, objective financial plan to help you diversify your portfolio and achieve a long-term growth.


Given our fast-paced society, growing your money should not have to wait. At the click of your computer mouse, you now have access to an online robo-investment platform powered by a reliable service provider. Bank on your future with OCBC RoboInvest.

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