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Singpass Login - General

Frequently asked questions
  • Is Singpass Mobile login replacing other login methods (via Access Code / PIN or biometrics)?

    Singpass Mobile is a new login method. You can continue to login using Access Code /PIN or biometrics to access OCBC Digital Banking.

  • Do I have to sign up or opt in to use Singpass Mobile login?

    Singpass Mobile login is automatically enabled for all customers who have online banking access. If you wish to sign up for online banking access, you can apply here.

  • Can I use my Singpass passcode to login, without the Singpass Mobile app?

    No. You will need to use your Singpass Mobile app to login.

  • How can I download and set up the Singpass Mobile app?

    You can download the Singpass Mobile app or visit the Google Play Store or App Store and search for Singpass Mobile. Follow the instructions in the app and complete a one-time setup.

  • When using Singpass login, do I still need any form of Two Factor Authentication (2FA) from OCBC?

    Yes, 2FA from OCBC (for example OneToken, Hardware Token, or SMS OTP) will still be required for sensitive transactions. You are also encouraged to set up your OCBC OneToken for seamless authentication, if you have not already done so. Find out how to set up your OCBC OneToken.