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OCBC Pay Anyone

OCBC Pay Anyone™ App

  1. What is the OCBC Pay Anyone app about?
    OCBC Pay Anyone™ app allows OCBC customers to send money to anyone and make NETS QR purchases up to a daily limit of S$1,000. You can pay for your meals, shopping; taxi rides via QR code at NETS terminal at participating merchants and food centres. You can also request for money via a personalised QR code.

  2. What do I need to use OCBC Pay Anyone?
    You need at least an OCBC Online Banking account, an OCBC Savings or Current account and a supported smartphone. Please refer to point 7 for a list of supported smartphones.

  3. How can I enable this service?
    Download the Pay Anyone from the App Store or from the Play Store for iPhone or Android mobile phone respectively.

  4. What is the daily transaction limit?
    The limit is capped at S$1,000 daily.
  5. How do I know the payment is secure?
    You are required to login to OCBC Pay Anyone using Online banking access code and PIN followed by an OTP sent to your registered mobile no with OCBC Bank to make payment to NETS merchants or send money to anyone.

    You may also choose to authorise your payments/transfers seamlessly with fingerprint or Face ID stored in your mobile device using OCBC OneTouch™ or OCBC OneLook feature.

  6. How do I activate OCBC OneTouch™/OneLook on Pay Anyone app?

    To activate the service, tap on the fingerprint/Face ID icon on Pay Anyone login page. You will be promoted to perform a one-time activation using your Online Banking Access Code and PIN, followed by an OTP sent to your registered phone number with OCBC Bank. 

    As security measure, it is recommended that you only store your own fingerprint/Face ID on your mobile phone as anyone else who has access to your mobile phone is able to make payments via OCBC Pay Anyone app.

  7. Can I activate OCBC OneTouch™ / OneLook for Pay Anyone on multiple devices?
    No. You can only activate OCBC OneTouch™ / OneLook on one device at any time.

    Please note that if you activate OCBC OneTouch™ / OneLook on another device, the device that was previously activated will be deactivated and the new device will be activated with OCBC OneTouch™ / OneLook.

  8. What are the eligible platforms and mobile devices supported?

    iPhone with at least iOS9 and above
    Compatible devices: iPhone 5s or newer models (no tablets)

    Android OS 4.0.3 & above
    OneTouch ™/ OneLook on Pay Anyone app only available with Samsung phones with fingerprint recognition feature running on Android 4.4 Kit Kat. Compatible Samsung devices: Galaxy S5 and S5 series, Galaxy S6 and S6 series, Galaxy S7 and S7 series A8, A7, note5, Note edge note5 and Alpha.

    As a security measure, jail-broken devices are not supported.

  9. How do I deactivate OCBC OneTouch™/OneLook on Pay Anyone via QR service

                    Step-1: Login to the app

                    Step-2: Tap on the menu

                    Step-3: Tap "Deactivate OCBC OneTouch™”

  10. Do I need to pay for OCBC Pay Anyone service?

    No, it is free of charge.

  11. What should I do if I lose my phone?

    If you lose your mobile phone, please call us at 1800-363 3333 (or +65 6363 3333 from overseas) to deactivate your OCBC OneTouch™/OneLook on Pay Anyone.

    Alternatively, you may register using another phone and the previous OCBC OneTouch™/OneLook on Pay Anyone will be de-registered automatically.

  12.  Can I transfer money to the recipients through Mobile no, email, and Facebook account using OCBC Pay Anyone app?
    Yes. You can transfer money to the recipients through mobile no, email, and Facebook ID using OCBC Pay Anyone app. 


    Make payment to merchants/food centres using QR code

    1. Where can I make payments using QR code?
      You can make payment using QR code at participating merchants and hawker stalls that have NETS QR Terminals. Please visit the list of merchants here. You can also pay for your meals at participating hawkers. View full list of hawkers here.

    2. How do I make NETS QR payment for my purchases via this app?


      Step 1: Login to Pay Anyone app

      Step 2: Scan the QR code generated at the merchant's NETS terminal

      Step 3: Select account to pay from and tap on "Confirm Payment" button

      Food Centres

      Please check the payment amount with the hawker before you proceed with these steps:

      Step 1: Login to Pay Anyone app

      Step 2: Scan the QR code generated at the merchant's NETS terminal

      Step 3: Enter amount, Select account to pay from and tap on "Confirm Payment" button.


OCBC Pay Anyone™ App (QR code)

Request/Send money using OCBC Pay Anyone™ QR Code

Send money via QR:  

1. Is there a one-time registration set up regardless of send or request for money?  

Step 1: Register with PayNow by linking your mobile number to your account number, so that the payer can send money directly to your account.  
Step 2: Download and install OCBC Pay Anyone app from App store or Google Play.
Step 3: Do a one-time setup using your Online Banking Access code and PIN followed by an OTP.

Request Money: 

1. How do I generate my personalised OCBC QR Code using this app?

Step 1: Tap on ‘Request Money’ button and login with your fingerprint/Face ID.
Step 2: Enter the requested amount.
Step 3: Tap on "Share QR code” button.
Step 4:  Select the appropriate messaging app such as Whatsapp, SMS, email, etc, to send the QR code to the recipient.

2. Can I still generate my personalised QR code using Pay Anyone app without linking my mobile number with PayNow

No, you need to link your mobile number to your OCBC account via PayNow in order to generate your personalised QR code.

Send Money: 

1. What do I need to send money using OCBC Pay Anyone QR code? 

Step 1: Upload or scan the QR image shared by the Requestor.

Step 2: Verify the payment using your fingerprint/Face ID.

Step 3:
Enter amount to pay and select account to pay from. 

Step 4: Tap on ‘Pay Now’ button after you have confirmed the payment details.

2. Why wasn't I prompted for a passcode when I send to a PayNow recipient?

Pay Anyone is now enhanced to let you send money securely and conveniently to a PayNow recipient without the need to enter passcode. The recipient’s PayNow name will be displayed to let you check before you proceed to send. Similarly, the PayNow recipient does not need any passcode; the money will be credited automatically into the recipient’s bank account.

3. How will I know if I have transferred funds successfully?

You can check the status of your funds transfer via Online Banking transaction history.

4. Can I send money using OCBC Pay Anyone QR code without registering for PayNow?      
Yes, you can.

OCBC Pay Anyone™ Service

What is the OCBC Pay Anyone™ service about?

OCBC Pay Anyone™ is a service on OCBC Mobile Banking that allows OCBC customers with a personal savings and/or current account(s) to transfer money to recipient(s) up to a cumulative limit of S$1,000 per day. The collection details will be sent to the recipient's Singapore-registered mobile number, email address or Facebook wall (that is only visible to him/her).

OCBC Pay Anyone™ is currently available on iPhone and Android Smartphone. To use this service, simply download the OCBC Mobile Banking application via App Store and click on the "Pay Anyone" icon located at the bottom left of the OCBC Mobile Banking page.


More on OCBC Pay Anyone™ service
Terms and conditions governing the OCBC Pay Anyone™ service

OCBC Pay Anyone™ Service FAQs for Sender

Sender (OCBC Customer)

Step-1: Login to Pay Anyone app.

Step-2: Tap on icon to choose the preferred method.

Step-3: Choose the recipient you wish to send money to.

Step-4: Key in the amount to be transferred and type an optional message for the recipient. Tap on Next’ button to proceed.

Step-5: Choose the account you wish to send the money from. Tap on ‘Confirm Payment’ button to send money.

Step-6: Create a 6-digit passcode to be given to the recipient.

Note: Money will be deposited directly to recipient’s PayNow account if recipient’s mobile no is registered with PayNow.

Recipient will be notified via the method that the money was sent to him or her, that is, via SMS, email or Facebook.

Inform the recipient of the 6-digit passcode.


Collect via the following methods: 

  1. If the sender had chosen a phone book contact, the recipient will receive a notification via a SMS to his mobile number, or an email to his email address.
  2. Facebook contact, the recipient will receive a notification via a post on his Facebook wall that is only visible to him and the sender. 
  • The recipient has up to 24 hours to collect the money upon receiving the notification
  • Click on the URL in the notification to be directed to a secure page hosted by the bank where you have to key in the 6-digit passcode created by the sender. This passcode is to be used only for this transfer.
  • Key in bank account details for money to be deposited into.
  • Money will be transferred directly from the sender’s account to your account almost immediately via the new electronic interbank service - FAST (Fast and Secure Transfers).
  • Sender will be notified via SMS and/or email once the transfer has been completed, depending on his OCBC Pay Anyone™ e-alerts notification settings of his online banking account.

OCBC Pay Anyone™ Service FAQs for Recipient

  1. Which Bank accounts can I transfer the money to? Any restriction?
    You can credit the money to any account of the 16 FAST (Fast And Secure Transfer) participating banks as long as the banks accept FAST payment.

  2. Do I need to be an OCBC customer to use the OCBC Pay Anyone™ to collect money?
    No, you do not need to be an OCBC customer in order to collect money from the sender. However, if you are the party transferring the money, you must be an OCBC customer with OCBC Online Banking access and savings and/or current account with us.

  3. Are there any charges for using OCBC Pay Anyone™ to collect money?
    There is currently no service fee imposed for collecting money via OCBC Pay Anyone™. However, do note that you will still be subjected to mobile data charges as determined by your telecommunication provider.

  4. What must I have in order to use the OCBC Pay Anyone™ to collect money?
    You need to have the collection unique URL in the SMS/email/Facebook post (that is only visible to you), iMessage notification or via the OCBC Pay Anyone™ service in the OCBC mobile banking application, as well as meet the following requirements:

• a smart phone with mobile browser / desktop computer with web browser (for collection via unique URL) and internet connection
• the passcode (which you have received from the sender)
• the crediting bank and account number
• If you are an OCBC customer, you have an additional option to login to OCBC Mobile Banking and select the (OCBC) crediting account. Alternatively, you may key in the account number you wish to transfer the money to.

5. What are the browsers that are supported by OCBC Pay Anyone™?
The mobile browsers are as follow:
• iOS Safari version 3.2 onwards
• Android browser version 3.0 onwards
• Opera mobile version 16.0
• Blackberry browsers version 7.0 onwards
• Chrome for Android version 32
• Firefox for Android version 25
• Internet Explorer Mobile version 10 (partial support)
• The desktop browsers are as follow:
• Internet Explorer version 10 and 11 (partial support)
• Firefox version 28.0 onwards
• Chrome version 33.0 onwards
• Safari version 5.1.10
• Opera version 18.0 onwards
6. Do I need to know the crediting bank account branch code to collect money?
No, you do not need the crediting branch code as this is a FAST (Fast And Secure Transfer) transaction. Please note that the crediting bank must be one of the 16 FAST participating banks.
7. How long will it take for the money to be credited to my account after I collected the money via OCBC Pay Anyone™?
The money will be credited to your account almost instantaneously.
8. What is a passcode? What is it for?
The passcode is a 6-digit number which the sender will disclose to you manually. You will require this passcode in order to collect the money.
9. My collection is unsuccessful. Why?
Your unsuccessful collection could be due to one of the following reasons:
• The payer has insufficient funds in the designated account at the point when you collect the money
• You have input the wrong bank account number to deposit money to
FAST (Fast And Secure Transfer) payment system is not available due to system maintenance.
• You have input the wrong passcode or the link has been used previously.
11. When will the collection unique URL expires?
The collection unique URL will expire 24 hours after the sender set-up the transfer of money to you (the recipient).
12. How do I collect the money if the collection unique URL expires?
You can click on the "Ask sender to resend money" link of the expired transaction to request sender to re-send the money to you.