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Voice Banking FAQ
  • About voice banking with Siri

    1. I heard I can do voice banking via Siri with the latest OCBC Mobile Banking and Pay Anyone app. How do I use it?

      1. Make sure your iPhone device is running on iOS 11 and above and you have downloaded the latest OCBC Mobile Banking and Pay Anyone apps on Appstore. You will also need to set up OneTouch/OneLook in Mobile Banking.
      2. Next, enable Siri in Settings app. To do so simply go to: Settings > Siri & Search > OCBC Bank and/or Pay Anyone and slide the option to “on" for OCBC Bank and Pay Anyone apps.
      3. Alternatively, you can also speak a command to Siri and allow Siri access to OCBC apps when prompted in the Siri session.
    2. What can I ask Siri to do?

      You can ask Siri to help check on your bank account balance, credit card balance and make fund transfers to PayNow recipients. You will then be prompted to authenticate your identity using Touch/Face ID.

      You may use the following commands:

      1. Bank balance
        How much money do I have in my savings account? Check my bank balance.
      2. Credit card balance
        How much have I spent on my credit cards? Show me my credit card balance.<
        For the above Balance enquiries, customers need to download the latest Mobile Banking app from app store on 15 December 2017.
      3. PayNow
        Pay $50 to John Tan. For PayNow payments within Siri, customers need to download the latest Pay Anyone app from app store in End Dec 2017/Early Jan 2018 (TBC).
    3. Will Apple store any of my banking details?

      No OCBC customer information will be shared with Apple. Siri merely extracts the relevant components from a query and forward it to OCBC bank apps. The bank apps then use various APIs to build a response to your request which is then displayed onscreen. To learn about Apple’s policy about Siri in 3rd party apps, go to Settings > Siri & Search and tap on ‘About Ask Siri & Privacy’.

    4. I don’t want to use the feature anymore. How do I disable Siri?

      To disable the feature on Siri, simply go to: Settings > Siri & Search > OCBC Bank and/or Pay Anyone and slide the option to “off” for OCBC Bank and Pay Anyone apps.

  • About voice banking with Google Assistant

    1. I heard that I can interact with OCBC on Google Assistant and Google Home. How can I set it up?

      To use this service and start speaking to ‘OCBC ’, you will need a Google Home device, or the Google Assistant on your compatible Android smartphone or iPhone with internet connection.

      To set up Google Assistant on Android devices and Pixel phones:

      1. Android devices (except Pixel)

        1. On your phone or tablet, open the Google app.
        2. On the Home screen, tap Menu > Settings.
        3. Under “Google Assistant”, tap Settings > Turn on.
      2. Pixel phones

        1. On your phone, touch and hold the Home button or say “Ok Google”.
        2. When asked if you want to turn on the Google Assistant, tap Turn on.

        For iPhone & iPad, you will need to download the Google Assistant from app store and set up Google Assistant on your iOS device.

        Once Google Assistant is set-up on your device and simply say “Ok Google, talk to OCBC”. Start asking general questions you may have and, when you’re finished, just say "bye" or "exit".

        To set up Google Home, you will require the following:

        • A Google Home device.
        • Latest version of the Google Home app .
        • Latest version of Google app (Android only)
        • A Google account.
        • A mobile device or tablet.

        Open the Google Home app on your device and follow the set-up instructions. Detailed set up instructions can be found here.

    2. What devices are supported by "Talk to OCBC"?

      The “Talk to OCBC” service is available on Google Home and Android smartphones running Android 6.0 or higher or iOS devices using the Google Assistant app with iOS 10 or higher. You can start interacting with it by saying "Ok Google, talk to OCBC".

    3. What can I talk to ‘OCBC’ about?

      • Retirement planning: Estimate how much do you need for retirement
      • Children Education Planning: Estimate the cost of your child’s education
      • Home affordability: Figure out what price range is realistic for your potential home
      • Locate nearby OCBC Branch/ATM
      • Market news: Quick catch up on market news on weekdays
      • Ask about Unit trust prices
      • Ask about Forex prices
    4. Can I access my OCBC bank accounts with "Talk to OCBC"?

      No. At the moment, this service provides only general information about retirement planning, children education planning, home affordability, locations of OCBC branch/ATM, market news, unit trust prices and forex prices. All information is unsecured and publicly available.

    5. Do I have to provide personal information to access this service?

      No. You don’t need to provide any personal information to use "Talk to OCBC".

    6. My device isn't working, what can I do?

      For any problems with your Google Home device, refer to Google Home help.

      For any problems with Google Assistant on your smartphone, refer to Google Assistant help.

    7. How do I exit "Talk to OCBC"?

      Just say 'bye' or 'exit' and you'll exit the 'Talk to OCBC' service.