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OCBC Digital Banking - Banking Assistant

Frequently asked questions
  • About OCBC Banking Assistant

    1. Why are you discontinuing the OCBC Banking Assistant?

      We learned that – for privacy concerns and convenience – using voice commands to carry out certain transactions may not suit many customers. Those using this service may continue to make such transactions using the OCBC Mobile Banking app, just not using voice commands.

    2. What transactions can the OCBC Banking Assistant process?

      Customers can check their account balances and transaction history; view Money Insights; make bill payments and funds transfers to their own OCBC accounts; transfer money via PayNow using mobile numbers; and use the ‘Locate OCBC’ feature. .

    3. What will happen after the OCBC Banking Assistant is discontinued?

      Customers may, as usual, continue to make the above transactions via the OCBC Mobile Banking app.