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Now that your friend has referred you to OCBC Pay Anyone™, download the app and log in to earn S$3 in cashback! You will also earn an additional S$5 when you make your first transaction using the app. T&C apply.

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Ways to use OCBC Pay Anyone™

Besides earning cashback, here are 4 other ways you can make use of the OCBC Pay Anyone™ app.

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Download the OCBC Pay Anyone™ app and earn S$3 in cashback

Common questions
What is the maximum number of friends that I can refer?

The promotion is limited to first 6,000 referrer cashbacks. The more friends that you refer to download OCBC Pay Anyone™ app, the more cashback you will receive.

If my friend and I refer the same friend to download OCBC Pay Anyone™, will the three of us be entitled to receive cashbacks?

The cashback will be awarded on a first-come-first serve basis. We will take in the first submission entry.

Will OCBC notify our entitlement of cashback upon successful referral?

Yes, OCBC will notify both Referrer and Referee of their entitlement to receive cashback by email within 45 calendar days from the end of each Promotion Sub-Period.

How long does the cashback credit to my account?

OCBC shall credit the Referrer and Referee cashback to the Referrer’s and Referee’s OCBC deposit account linked to Pay Anyone application within 45 days from the end of each Promotion Sub-Period. Please refer to the table below.

Promotion Sub-Period(s) 2022 Fulfilment Period(s)
Promotion Sub-Period 1: 1st to 30th June By 16 July 2022
Promotion Sub-Period 2: 1st to 31st July By 16 August 2022
Promotion Sub-Period 3: 1st to 31st August By 16 September 2022
Promotion Sub-Period 4: 1st to 30th September By 16 October 2022
Promotion Sub-Period 5: 1st to 31st October By 16 November 2022
Promotion Sub-Period 6: 1st to 30th November By 16 December 2022
Promotion Sub-Period 7: 1st to 31st December By 16 January 2023