Business Revolving Short Term loan

A flexible loan that helps you save more

6 or 12 months

repayment periods

Borrow up to



no early repayment fee


For businesses registered and based in Singapore that are at least 2 years old

At least 30% owned by Singaporean or Singapore PR

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About the Business Revolving Short Term Loan

It's our most flexible loan that allows you draw, repay and redraw any number of times, all at your convenience so that you can seize every business opportunity.


Draw from your facility limit at any time with a minimum amount of S$25,000


Repay what you've drawn with equal monthly instalments over the selected repayment period


Redraw from your available facility limit as the loan gets repaid

Why choose this loan

  • Flexible re-borrowing and repayment
  • Ready cash at your convenience, use only what you need
  • Save on interest, pay only what you use
  • Better cashflow management with equal monthly instalments
  • No fee for full repayment

Application Process


Prepare the following documents for faster processing

  • NRIC or passport copy of all directors/ partners/ sole proprietor/ guarantors ('Principals')
  • IRAS Notice of Assessment of all Principals for the last 2 years
  • Financial statements for the last 2 years
  • Operating bank statements with other banks for the last 6 months


Hear from us within 1 day

  • We will inform you of the status of your application
  • Arrange to meet you to finalise the application

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Important Notices

Should there be any discrepancies found in the withdrawal instructions, the bank will contact the Borrower within the next 24 hours.

Disbursement is subject to the Bank's approval. Terms and Conditions apply.