OCBC Accounts Receivable Purchase

Keep your cash flowing smoothly

with OCBC Accounts Receivable Purchase

What is it?

Accounts Receivable Purchase (ARP) is an arrangement whereby OCBC purchases invoices from our customers to unlock working capital for them. This helps to improve customers’ cash flow. A key for any business to run smoothly and successfully.

How it works?


Quick access to funds

Make your receivables work for you.
OCBC Accounts Receivable Purchase helps to improve your liquidity by turning your accounts receivable into cash, so you no longer have to worry about payment delays from your customers.


Stay protected from buyer’s credit risk

By selling your invoices to OCBC, you eliminate your customers' payment risks.


Improve relationship with your buyers

Being assured of your cash flow allows you the flexibility to extend longer payment terms to your key customers.

Frequently asked questions

Does OCBC purchase invoices issued to overseas buyers?
Yes. OCBC accepts invoices from buyers overseas. This is subject to the OCBC‘s credit appetite on the risk profile of the particular buyer(s).
How long does it take for the ARP facility to be set up?
Set-up time usually varies depending on how fast the relevant documents are received. On average, it will take 1-2 months.
What is the maximum financing period I can obtain?
Financing tenor ranges up to 360 days. The financing period is subject to OCBC‘s approval and assessment on a case-by-case basis.
What is the difference with financing through ARP as opposed to a normal trade facility?
When you use a normal trade facility, you receive funding based on your company financials. With an ARP solution, the quality of the receivables is also assessed.

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Important Notices
  • Subject to approval and submission of documents required by OCBC.
  • Fees and charges apply.