Enterprise Financing Scheme – Merger and Acquisition

Your business is never too small for a merger or an acquisition

Why you will love this

A government-assisted scheme for SMEs

Finance the acquisition of local or overseas companies

Receive up to S$2 million in financing with a flexible repayment period of up to 5 years

SMEs, now you can leverage a government-assisted loan of up to S$2 million to drive business growth through acquiring a local* or an overseas business


M&As are not reserved for larger corporations – they apply to businesses regardless of size. SMEs can take advantage of M&As as a strategic tool to grow and expand by gaining economies of scale and acquire market share and capabilities to seize business opportunities.

At OCBC, we have extensive expertise in helping enterprises participate in M&A activities. So you never have to compromise on value or timing, we seek to address key challenges such as identifying and acquiring the right companies, paying the right amount and unlocking value from the newly combined entity through post-M&A integration. Whether you are thinking of consolidating, diversifying or globalising your business operations, our solutions can help SMEs like yours through every milestone in your M&A journey.

What to consider before an M&A

If you are considering a horizontal or vertical expansion for your business, or are interested in growing your business exponentially through a strategic M&A deal, here are a few questions to bear in mind:

  • What is your business objective with the M&A deal? Are you setting out to add new products, enhance processes or upgrade technology, enter new markets, expand your market base or get ahead of your competition?
  • To improve revenue and your bottom line, does the deal aim to reduce operational cost, enhance productivity or increase efficiency?
  • What are the cash considerations and financing requirements?
  • What is the time frame for the deal to be completed?

Regardless of the size of your business, M&A deals can be complex and challenging. Let us support your business in its scaling up with the right financing.

M&A Financing for your industry
No matter which industry your business is operating in – from healthcare to education and more – we are here to support you through every milestone in your M&A journey.

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Before you apply

Eligibility requirements

Business registration

The company must be locally incorporated for at least 15 months

Business ownership

At least 30% local equity held by Singaporean(s) / PR


The company's turnover must be less than or equal to S$20 million

Terms and conditions

*The loan can be for acquiring or merging with a local company between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2026.