Supporting your business growth in Australia and beyond

Operating from Sydney, our Australian team offers strong sector expertise to provide insights and solutions to help you expand domestically and overseas


OCBC Bank Australia deploys its large balance sheet towards the investment initiatives and operating requirements of our key clients.  Our repeat customers appreciate the ease and efficiency of dealing with a bank that understands both the head office dynamics and local nuances associated with their business, and whose bankers operate seamlessly across borders to best facilitate their needs.

Our capabilities

We offer wholesale banking products and services in the areas of real estate finance, project finance, corporate banking, investment banking and treasury services, and can tailor sustainable and efficient solutions to support your business aspirations.

Corporate Banking

OCBC Bank’s corporate clients require exceptional service wherever in the world they invest and operate. Our Corporate Banking team delivers this through our lending, deposit taking, trade finance and treasury services capabilities in Australia. The team supports companies in a range of industries including telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, aviation, transport and logistics, to name a few.

Treasury Services

In Treasury, we support OCBC Bank Australia’s entire customer base with their interest rate and foreign exchange hedging needs. The highly experienced team works hand in hand with the Bank’s substantial operations in Singapore to deliver the best rates and execution through our ability to gain wide market access.

Real Estate Lending Franchise

We are one of the most prolific lenders among foreign banks in Australia with a multi-billion dollar portfolio of loans across all the major capital cities on mainland Australia and New Zealand.  Concentrating on servicing OCBC’s core global customers, we focus on loans to property developers and investors in the residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality sectors.

With over 30 years of “through-the-cycle” experience and an impeccable industry contact base, we have developed a reputation for the reliable delivery of large loan facilities in our selected markets.

Project Finance Expertise

With decades of project finance experience, we have arranged and provided financing to large projects across the infrastructure, energy and resources sectors. The team has deep roots in Australia and is well versed with debt and derivative structures right across the market. It combines with Corporate Banking to seamlessly provide solutions to sponsors and projects alike.

Investment Banking

Working in concert with our experienced teams in Singapore and throughout OCBC’s global network, we are able to structure, underwrite and arrange your cross-border bond issuance requirements. Our investment banking teams are also well versed in structuring green loans and bonds to meet demand in this fast growing sector.