Xero Business Accounting

Connect Xero to your OCBC Business Account

You can now easily connect your OCBC business account to Xero's online accounting platform through Velocity@OCBC.

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Enhance your business productivity with OCBC and Xero

Xero now receives daily updates of your OCBC business transactions even while you sleep.
You save time, your numbers are accurate and you have an up-to-date view of your cash flow.

Easy setup

Simply set up your OCBC business account in Xero, and authorise the connection through Velocity@ocbc.

Accurate daily feeds

Your OCBC business account transaction shows up automatically in Xero every day, ready for quick reconciliation.

Up-to-date view of your cash flow

With OCBC-Xero bank feeds, it’s easy to check how much cash you have, which customers have paid, and what bills you need to pay – every single day.

OCBC Bank feeds & Xero

How to connect your OCBC business account to Xero

Here's how to get started in three easy steps:

After logging into Xero, go to: 
Accounting > Bank accounts
Click on ‘Add Bank Account’
Find ‘OCBC Bank (Singapore)’ and follow the on-screen instructions

For more details on how to set up OCBC business banking in Xero, click here.

Let’s get started

Connect Xero to your OCBC Business account

Connect nowTo find out more about Xero, click here.

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Need help or have more questions?

Need an OCBC business account? Click here

Need access to Velocity@ocbc? Click here

Questions you may have. Click here

Frequently asked questions 
  • What OCBC account types are eligible for bank feed set-up?
    Business current and savings accounts are supported (including foreign currency accounts)
  • Do I need to pay to connect by OCBC bank account in Xero?
    No, there is no additional cost for setting up the OCBC-Xero bank connection.
  • How can I set up bank feeds?
    Just follow these simple instructions.
  • Once I’ve completed the bank feed set-up steps and authorised the OCBC-Xero bank feed connection, how long will it take for my bank transactions to appear in Xero?
    Your OCBC business bank transactions will start flowing into Xero within 48 hours of authorisation.
  • Is there a time each day when the bank transaction updates from OCBC will appear in Xero?
    Your OCBC business bank transactions from the previous day will appear in Xero the next morning.
  • What do I need to sign up for the OCBC-Xero bank connection?You just need the following:
    • a Xero subscription or trial account;
    • an OCBC business bank account (Apply for one here)
    • Velocity@OCBC
    If you’re not currently using Xero, you can try Xero free for 30 days