Foreign Currency Time Deposit

Earn higher interest
on your foreign currencies

  • Overdraft of up to 85% of the deposit value in SGD
  • Automatic renewal of deposits on maturity
  • Your choice of deposit period
  • For non-residents, no withholding tax on interest earned


  • All businesses incorporated in Singapore
How to apply

Fees & charges

Deposit / withdrawal in foreign currency notes (subject to availability)

Minimum 1% commission-in-lieu of exchange* (subject to currency type)

Premature termination penalty applicable for withdrawal made prior to maturity

*Commission-in-lieu of exchange is applicable when there is no foreign exchange involved.

Deposit Currency & Amount

United States Dollar 5,000
Australian Dollar10,000
European Union Euro5,000
Hong Kong Dollar200,000
Japanese Yen1,000,000
New Zealand Dollar10,000
Great Britain Pound5,000
Swiss Franc25,000
Canadian Dollar 25,000

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Please bring along:

Documents vary depending on the type of business entity.

For sole proprietorship / partnership:

  • NRIC or passport for identification
  • Current Certificate of Registration / Business Registration Certificate
  • Latest update of RAO search

For corporates:

  • Certified true copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&A)
  • Certified true copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Form 49 (Particulars of Directors, Managers and Company Secretary)
  • Certified true copy of Resolution for Company
  • Certified true copy of Resolution for Association/Club/Society
  • Latest update of ROC search
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