Creating Positive Impact for Society

Through our #OCBCCares Programme, we provide targeted financial and volunteer support to help underserved communities across our core markets.

  • Allaying anxiety and depression among vulnerable seniors

    Organised face to face activities for more than 3,300 seniors across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China who faced loneliness during the pandemic due to isolation and disruption in daily routines

  • Skills-based volunteering for lasting impact
    • Created a supermarket simulation programme to teach students with special needs money management skills
    • Taught seniors to draft wills and lasting power of attorney documents
    • Helped a food charity partner tap on data to track demand for food items and stock sufficient supplies
  • Supporting inclusiveness for those with special needs
    • Empowered physically-challenged beneficiaries in Macau in giving back as they flexed motor skills to make towel flowers and bears for seniors at a Home
    • Organised a private movie viewing session in Singapore for adults with special needs, allowing them to move about freely during the show without affecting other viewers
  • Building resilience to withstand unexpected life events
    • Conducted financial literacy workshops for more than 2,800 individuals in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia to help alleviate financial stress and anxiety
    • 67 volunteers in China raised funds to help high-performing high school students who were unable to complete their studies because of family circumstances