Fair Dealing

At OCBC, we understand that our continued success as a financial services group is dependent on our ability to build enduring relationships with our customers. This involves treating our customers with respect and integrity, and consistently dealing with them in a fair and professional manner. That is why the element of Fair Dealing features prominently in our core values. Specifically, our value of ‘Integrity’ underscores Fair Dealing as the basis of our business.

We seek to deal fairly with our customers by:

  • providing them with clear, relevant and timely information to help them make informed decisions
  • recommending only products that are aligned with their financial objectives and risk profiles
  • training and certifying our sales employees so that they are equipped to give appropriate advice and recommendations
  • treating their feedback and complaints seriously, and ensuring that issues are addressed in an effective and prompt manner

Our employees are constantly reminded on the importance of Fair Dealing, which is further reinforced through their performance and compensation review framework. In addition, the other Fair Dealing-related processes, systems and policies across the organisation are periodically reviewed and enhanced to ensure their continued effectiveness in helping us deliver the desired customer outcomes.

OCBC Whistleblowing Programme

At OCBC, we are committed to the highest level of integrity and value high ethical standards. The Group's Whistleblowing Programme helps to promote a culture that encourages individuals to escalate any concerns or observation of fraud or misconduct. When sufficient information is provided, a thorough and unbiased investigation or assessment will be carried out by an independent party, Internal Audit. All parties will be treated fairly during the investigation and the Group will take appropriate actions based on the findings.