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  1. No two home buyers are the same, and the amount each person can borrow is different. It all depends on your income, your assets, your living expenses and the type of loan you're looking for.
    OCBC Home Loan offers a combination of different pricing packages to suit your needs with no switching fee!

  1. Getting the right home loan was your first step in providing a dream home for your loved ones. Now, the next crucial step is to ensure that their future is protected with the right mortgage insurance. Did you know that with OCBC Mortgage Insurance you can enjoy yearly premium discount for selected regular premium mortgage insurance plans?

  1. So what comes next after insurance? Putting your home improvement dream to work of course! However, we all know renovations can result in a hefty sum thus, it is imperative to first get estimates from different contractors to ensure you are getting the best price before looking to take up a loan.

    Did you know that OCBC Renovation Loan has one of the lowest monthly instalments? You can also enjoy flexible repayment periods from 1 to 5 years! Reach out to us via our enquiry form today!

  1. There’s no harm is hoping for the best when you’re prepared for the worst. One way is to protect your home from unfortunate accidents like fire, floods and more with OCBC Home Content Insurance.

    Did you know that out of the total number of fires in 2016, 68.5% of occurrences involved residential premises? Call +65 6248 2888 to find out how you can insure your home today!

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Taking the first step towards your goal

Set up your savings goals today so that you can schedule automatic savings each month and track your progress regularly.

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