OCBC Life Goals

You have worked hard to build your wealth, what's next?

It is important to ensure smooth transition of wealth across generations, ensuring that it is protected so that your loved ones enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Let us help you customise a range of solutions to preserve your legacy for future generations.

How do we do it?

Wealth Transfer Planning
Manage and safeguard the needful first

It is important to have adequate insurance for all your outstanding liabilities before thinking about preserving your lifestyle and matters of inheritance to avoid multi-generational debt management.

You will get customisable
and comprehensive solutions

You will have access to an experienced team of insurance and investment specialists as well as relationship managers to tailor a plan that is most suited for your financial situation, needs and goals.

Based on your risk appetite and affordability, we will provide the best solutions to manage:

Conflicting goals; which goals should you prioritise?

Existing debt liabilities; how to reduce burden of transferring liabilities to your loved ones?

Asset liquidity; when should you convert your assets?

Let's get started with a customised plan.

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