OCBC Life Goals

The OCBC difference

Financial Advisor
  1. Advisory begins by understanding you

Each individual has their own unique set of needs, goals and priorities.

Our aim is to understand your life situation and aspirations so that we may customise a plan that is most appropriate for you in achieving your goals.

Retirement Planning
  1. Three fundamental tenets in your customised plan

Manage your cashflow, by setting aside money for your daily transactional needs, emergencies and other financial commitments.

Safeguard, to protect yourself, loved ones and assets from the unexpected.

Build your wealth, by creating a diversified portfolio that can provide stability of returns.

Monitor and review the progress of your financial planning
  1. Review and adapt

It is important to monitor the important milestones in your life to ensure you are on track to reaching your life goals.

OCBC Money Insights automatically helps you track your spending, ensuring all your expenses are organized and categorized clearly.

And OCBC OneWealth allows you to actively monitor your investments.

Your life goals


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Wealth Transfer

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Travel the World

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Your New Home

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Your New Car

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You are just one step away from achieving your goal.

Get your own customised plan and receive up to $1,918 in cash rewards*
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