OCBC Life Goals

The future cost of
education is increasing

Let us help you customise a range of solutions so that you can stay true to your child's dreams, no matter what the future brings.

Your Child's Education Planner

How much do I need to save for my children's education?

Step 1/3

Estimated cost:

's education will cost S$88,888 in 22 years' time.

Step 2/3


Tell us how much you have set aside

Step 3/3


Is it enough?
Cost of education
Your savings will be S$120,000
in 22 years time
How much more you need
Congratulations! You have a surplus of S$20,000.

Have you considered the possibility of your child going abroad for further studies?

Calculate again.

Congratulations! You have a surplus of S$20,000.
You will need S$20,000 more.

To achieve your goal in 15 years, tell us your risk profile i


Based on your risk profile, you will need to set aside

A lump sum of S$


Monthly amount of S$ for 15 years

Calculate again.


Looks like you are on track! You might be interested in the following goals.

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Retry planner

Let us help you

You bring the numbers, we give you the plan. All you have to do is follow it.

Receive cash gifts when you purchase selected insurance plans before 31 December 2017!

  • S$200 for OCBC Mighty Savers® customers who purchase selected endowment plans with annual premium of S$3,600 to S$11,999; or
  • S$100 for OCBC Child Development Account holders who purchase selected endowment plans with annual premium of S$3,600 to S$11,999 or selected protection plans with annual premium above S$1,200.

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How do we do it?

Our 3-step approach covers every aspect of your financial needs

Children's education planning
  1. Start planning for your children's education with us
  • We understand the best educational opportunities can set you back a great deal in terms of costs.
  • Share with us your aspirations for your children so that we can map out a plan that balances your financial needs as well as life goals.
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Build and protect your child's education portfolio
  1. Build and protect your child's education portfolio
  • Safeguard your children's education fund with a comprehensive and affordable solutions which guarantees high payouts to secure your children's future.
  • Build your children's education pot through investments and use our in-house education planner to determine the amount required for his education and take steps to achieve it.
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Monitor and review the progress of your financial planning
  1. Review and adapt
  • We will monitor and review your progress together to ensure that you are on track to providing the best educational opportunities to your children.
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You will get customisable
and comprehensive solutions

Based on your risk appetite and affordability,
we will provide the best solutions to ensure you :

Stay on top of your plan with ever-changing financial needs

You will constantly be able to take stock of the current and projected value of your savings, insurance and investments, and the estimated amount you need for your child's education.

Make changes whenever needed

Revise your portfolio and move to conservative assets as you approach the time when you need the funds.

You bring your goals, we give you a comprehensive plan.

From 1 July to 31 August stand a chance to win S$3,000 cash weekly when you plan with OCBC Life Goals.

How do you qualify for the weekly draw?

Go through the OCBC Children's Education planner with our staff.


Purchase eligible insurance or investment products.

Make an appointment

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