Online and Mobile Banking

Voice Banking FAQ

What do I need to start use voice banking via Siri?

  • Make sure your iPhone device is running on iOS 11 and above
  • Download the latest OCBC Mobile Banking app and OCBC Pay Anyone app from Apple App store
  • You will also need to perform a one-time set up OneTouch™ or OneLook™ in Mobile Banking.
  • Enable Siri in the iPhone Settings.

Go to: Settings > Siri & Search. Look for the 2 OCBC apps, namely OCBC Bank and OCBC Pay Anyone and slide the option to “on" for both apps. Alternatively, you can also command Siri and allow Siri access to the 2 OCBC apps when prompted.


What can I ask Siri to do?

You can ask Siri to check your bank account balances; credit card spends and send money to PayNow-registered friends. Simply download the latest Mobile Banking app from app store, and ask Siri to check your balances and verify using Touch ID or Face ID.

You may try the following commands:

For checking bank balances:

  • How much money do I have in my savings account?
  • Check my bank balance.

For checking credit card spends:

  • How much have I spent on my credit cards?
  • Show me my credit card balance.

For sending money

  • Pay $50 to John Tan.

Download the latest OCBC Pay Anyone app from app store to use this feature.

Will Apple store any of my banking details?

No, OCBC customer information will not be shared with Apple. Siri merely extracts the relevant components from a query and forward it to OCBC bank apps. The bank apps then use various APIs to build a response to your request which is then displayed onscreen. To learn about Apple’s policy about Siri in 3rd party apps, go to Settings > Siri & Search and tap on 'About Ask Siri & Privacy'.

I don't want to use the feature anymore. How do I disable Siri?

To disable the feature on Siri, simply go to: Settings > Siri & Search > OCBC Bank and/or Pay Anyone and slide the option to "off" for OCBC Bank and Pay Anyone apps.

I encountered this message "Sorry, no account is set up. Open Pay Anyone".

For customers with more than one current or savings account, you will be required to open the Pay Anyone app to select an account to complete the payment. Simply tap on the “Open Pay Anyone” button in Siri to complete your transaction.

I want to send money to a non-PayNow recipient. Can Siri help?

Yes. Siri will show the message "OK, Pay Anyone is processing your request. Open Pay Anyone” for customers with single current or savings account. Siri will show the message “Sorry, no account is set up. Open Pay Anyone” for customers with multiple current or savings accounts. Simply tap on "Open Pay Anyone" to set a 6-digit passcode and complete the transaction in the app.