Phone Banking

Voice Biometrics


  1. What is Vocal Password?
    Our Vocal Password service is a new mode of authentication which allows you to use your voice as a password. Once you have completed verification using your Vocal Password, you will be able to perform basic banking transactions such as balance enquiry.
  2. What are the benefits?
    The verification process would be much more seamless and convenient for you. If you are calling in for basic banking transactions, there will be no more PINs or security questions and answers for you to remember.
  3. Is it secure?
    The voice biometrics technology we use ranks among the strongest authentication methods in the industry. This technology is less susceptible to threats that affect the traditional methods of authentication such as passwords or security questions.
  4. Is my voice print unique? What happens if somebody's voice sounds like mine?
    No two voices are the same. Each human voice and extracted voice print is as unique to an individual as a fingerprint.
  5. What if someone uses a recording of my voice?
    The voice biometrics technology we use is capable of detecting recording of previously heard voice utterances. In such scenarios, the system will prompt the user to say another phrase (over and above the vocal passphrase) for additional checks.
    We encourage you to take precautions against having your voice recorded to minimise the chances of someone else misusing the voice recording. Should you suspect that this happened, please call our Customer Service Executives at 1800 363 3333 (+65 6363 3333 if overseas) so that we can assist you.
  6. What if my voice is affected because of illness (e.g. severe flu or sore throat)?
    You will be able to use your Vocal Password for verification as long as your voice is not severely affected by the illness. However, if you are unable to use your Vocal Password due to illness, you may use other verification methods (e.g. just as SMS OTP).
  7. Is there a fee for using this service?
    No, there are no fees for using the service.
  8. Can I use the service at your branches?
    This service is only available when you call our hotline. It is not available for use at branches, FRANK Stores or ATMs.


  1. Is this service available to everyone?
    Enrolment is by invitation only. We are inviting our frequent callers to enrol for the service progressively.
  2. How do I enrol for the service?
    Once you have received the invitation via SMS or email, please call our hotline at 1800 363 3333 (+65 6363 3333 if overseas) to enrol for the service. You will need to use your Phone Banking PIN or be registered for our SMS-OTP service for the enrolment.
  3. I received an SMS invitation to enrol for this Vocal Password service. Do I have a choice?
    Yes, it is up to you.
  4. How soon can I use the service after enrolment?
    You may use it immediately after completing enrolment.


  1. Can I de-register from this service?
    Yes, you can. Please speak to our Customer Service Executives by calling 1800 363 3333 (+65 6363 3333 if overseas).
  2. Can I change my registered voiceprint?
    You will need to re-enrol your voice print. Please speak to our Customer Service Executives by calling 1800 363 3333 (+65 6363 3333 if overseas).