Here to help you with an integrated range of services from cash management, APIs, to trade financing.

Cash management

Here at OCBC, we recognise the importance of maximising liquidity for businesses out of their cash conversion cycle. Be in control and maximise your collections and payments with our range of cash management solutions.

Both domestically as well as internationally, we help you:

  • Collect your sales proceeds
  • Pay your suppliers and settle bill payments
  • Manage your cash flow
  • Enhance your yield through liquidity management

From delivering working capital efficiency through effective receivables management solutions to payables process engineering, we customise solutions for your business.

NEW - For local Direct Debit Authorisation

GIRO applications are now quick and easy.
With eGIRO, billing organisations can eliminate the lengthy process of hard copy Direct Debit Authorisation forms with your customers from 3-4 weeks to just minutes by going digital. 

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Liquidity management

Maximise returns and reduce costs for your business through Cash Sweeping, Notional Pooling or Enhanced Interest Aggregator arrangements.

Host–to-Host (H2H)

Today's fast-changing business climate warrants a pressing need for corporates to adopt a single connectivity to the bank. In this manner, your business can send and receive data, messages and financial information securely and efficiently.

Highly secure and easy to set up, OCBC's Host-to-Host (H2H) is designed to handle a high volume of transactions. 

Our H2H solution supports digital file transfers between your company and the bank securely without any human intervention. This will streamline and automate processes which improves the overall operational efficiency and reduces operational costs.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Customers are constantly evolving in the manner through which they do business. They are compelled to look for seamless, integrative solutions for their business operations.

OCBC is at the forefront of offering API connectivity to facilitate business transactions.

Our API digitally transforms your business by integrating real-time processing of payments, receivables and information enquiry into your business workflows. This real-time fulfillment improves efficiency and cost savings for your business and smoothens your customers’ or end users’ transactional experience.

We have extended our offerings and delivered digital solutioning to the government, insurance and educational sectors.

Trade and Supply Chain Finance

Leverage on our global network and comprehensive suite of trade finance products to keep your trade growing. You can:

  • Apply trade financing solutions to expand your business into new markets
  • Optimise your working capital to scale your business volumes
  • Unlock cash flow from your supply chain by monetising your receivables
  • Mitigate payment risk for your trade transactions

Explore with us how our trade finance solutions can meet your business requirements according to your industry and business needs. With our team of dedicated and experienced specialists, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Enhance your business performance

Simplify your payments and collections process

OCBC Velocity

Simplify your payments and collections process

OCBC Velocity
Business mobile banking app

Staying on top of your business is made easier with the OCBC Business Mobile Banking app.

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Staying on top of your business is made easier with the OCBC Business Mobile Banking app.

Find out more about other business tools

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