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OCBC Push Notification

1. How does the OCBC Push Notification works?

OCBC Push Notifications works by leveraging on the services from Apple's APNS and Google's GCM services. The platform will enable OCBC Mobile Banking app to sends out the push notification, deliver the data to these services and the services will be distributed it to the respective apple or android devices.

2. How do I register for OCBC Push Notifications?

You can register for OCBC Push Notifications via OCBC Mobile Banking apps. You are required to do an one-time set-up using OneTouch, OneLook or 1FA (Access code & OTP). 

  • Launch OCBC Mobile Banking app on your device
  • Tap on ‘bell’ icon on the top left of the Login page
  • Tap on ‘Register’ button
  • Authenticate using OCBC OneTouch™ ,OCBC OneLook™ or login using Access code and PIN.
3. What happens after I register for OCBC Push Notifications?

We will auto-migrate low-risk Online Banking alerts from SMS to be send via Push.

4. Which are the low-risk Online Banking alerts?

  • Payments & transfers reminders
  • Alerts pertaining to Saving goals
  • When your e-Statement is ready
  • Funds transfer to your own account
  • Unit trust price alerts
  • Budget alerts
5. Can I change the alerts mode for low-risk Online Banking alerts after registering for Push?

Yes, you may switch back to receive alerts via SMS through settings available in ‘Manage e-Alerts’ screen under ‘Customer Service’ on Online Banking.

6. Can I register for OCBC Push Notification on multiple devices?

You can only activate OCBC Push Notification feature on one device at a time.

7. How to view and read messages received via Push Notification?

All notifications send via Push will be stored in Inbox on the OCBC Mobile Banking app. You can access Inbox anytime by tapping on ‘bell’ icon on the Login page.

Note: Messages in Inbox will be stored for up to 6 months.

8. Do I need to login to access Inbox on Mobile Banking app?

No, Inbox is available on pre-login and you can access your messages anytime.

9. I have changed to a new phone, can I continue to use OCBC Push Notification on my new Phone?

Yes, you just need to activate OCBC Push Notification on your new phone. Your past 6 months messages on the old device will also be ported over to the new device.

10. I have registered for OCBC Push Notifications but would like to deactivate the service, how do I do so?

You can do so via the ‘settings’ icon at the top left on the Inbox screen.

11. Can I delete messages that I no longer need?

You can delete a particular message via Inbox by swiping left on a particular message and tap on ‘Delete’. You can also delete few messages at a time by tapping on ‘Clear all’ hyperlink on the top right of Inbox.

Note: Once the message is deleted, you will not be able to undo it.