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CO2 is the biggest climate changer. We supported the building of a dipterocarp forest at Singapore Botanic Gardens to expand tree growth and also store CO2


Store Carbon

The OCBC Arboretum studies and conserves 2,000 dipterocarp trees, the endangered giants of the Southeast Asian rainforests.

These trees store more CO2 than other tree species, helping to fight climate change. The trees at the Arboretum will store as much as 80 million kg of CO2 in their lifetimes.

The Arboretum, which contains 200 species of dipterocarps, will act as a 'gene bank' for the future of the species. The work at the Arboretum, managed by NParks, will also lead to ground-breaking research that can potentially help with future forestation efforts and urban planning.

Forest Discovery Centre @ OCBC Arboretum

As part of the Arboretum, Singapore's first black-and-white bungalow has been transformed into a conservation knowledge centre. Visitors participate in conservation-related activities.

Opens in 2020.


Visit our forest of 2,000 endangered dipterocarp trees which are super CO2 storers.


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