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#OCBCCares Environment Fund

We provide financial support for green initiatives that enhance Singapore's sustainability landscape.


An aquaponics project to enhance food sustainability

We funded Dr Lim Jia Yang to set up an aquaponics system, as well as develop a training kit model that will help others in setting up their own systems for growing vegetables that do not require chemicals or pesticides.

Binning plastic bottles and fruit peels responsibly

We funded Green Nudge to encourage people at sporting events to bin plastic bottles and 880 kg of fruit peels at sporting events for recycling and composting.

Apply for funding


Project Type

100% implementable with potential for further scalability

Have visible and achievable outcomes with a sustainable impact on Singapore's environment

Solves Singapore's climate action issues

Benefits a wide segment of the community


Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. Non-residents may apply as a group with at least two Singaporeans/Permanent Residents.

Written Application

Submit a written application by 31 December 2019. You'll know the outcome by mid-February 2020. Download the application form.

The Green Pitch

Round 1

Understand the problem statements from industry leaders

Join interest group discussions and get clearer picture of how you can contribute

Learn about project management, budgeting and concise presentation

We'll let you know if you get through to Round 2 by 23 October 2019

Round 1 is now closed.

Round 2 - Green Pitch

Join our Green Pitch on 2 November 2019, 8am to 8pm at ArtScience Museum and get the results of your application on the same day.

If you've made it to this round, it's time to make the pitch. By the end of the event, you'll know if you'll be funded.

The Green Pitch is part of "Changing Course 2019: An Exploration Of Our Climate Crisis", on at the ArtsScience Museum until 3 November 2019.

Independent evaluation committee


Mr N Sivasothi

Senior Lecturer,

Department of Biological Sciences

Director of Studies, Ridge View Residential College

National University of Singapore

Vice Chairman

Ms Koh Ching Ching

Head, Group Brand and Communications


Ms Sueanne Mocktar

Director, 3P Network Division

National Environment Agency

Dr Lena Chan

Group Director, National Biodiversity Centre

National Parks Board

Ms Serena Seah

Sr Principal Engineer, Water Demand Management & Inspectorate PUB

Singapore's National Water Agency


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