Harnessing wind and solar energy to generate CO2-free power

We support the building of wind and solar farms in the region to generate CO2-free power.

Our sustainable financing projects led to our topping Debtwire’s sustainable finance league table from 2018 to the 1st half of 2020.

We won’t stop here, having pledged $25 billion in sustainable finance by 2025. Reducing carbon emissions to save our tomorrow is a lifelong endeavour.

What we do

Shifting gear to electric cars

A 1,500-cc car travelling 1,000 km produces 160kg of CO2. We help put electric cars on the roads that produce 50% less CO2.

Calculation based on a Honda City travelling 1,000 km at 160g/km.

Source: SunEarthTools.com, Land Transport Authority


Providing clean lighting energy

10 solar panels can generate clean energy for a 1200 sq ft home. We helped fund solar panels for learning institutions and homes.

Source for number of panels required for the power consumption: Eigen Energy Singapore

Source: Energy Market Authority


The average electricity use for a 1,000 sq ft home produces 3,000 kg of CO2 a year

Source: Energy Efficient Singapore, Energy Market Authority

Charging a smartphone 3 hours daily generates 3 kg of CO2 a year

A 3000-cc car travelling 1,000 km produces 230 kg of CO2

Calculation based on an Audi A7 travelling 1,000 km at 230g/km.

Source: SunEarthTools

50 solar panels can generate clean energy for a 1,000 sq ft office

Source: Eigen Energy Singapore


Lighting Up Rural Areas with Solar Power

Electricity supply can be unreliable or even non-existent in some regions. We supported our customer Third Wave Power whose affordable solar-powered solutions have been used to light up off-grid locations in India, Africa, the Philippines and Indonesia, improving lives and increasing productivity.