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We create a dynamic workplace and society through championing people development and community advancement.

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Talent management and wellbeing

Nurturing our people and working together as One Group

Why this is material to us
Our employees are the driving force behind our success, contributing to economic growth, maintaining our reputation and ensuring our longevity. To cultivate a more future-ready workforce, we are dedicated to fostering a sustainable learning organisation. By investing in our employees’ growth, we empower them to reach their full potential so that they can in turn contribute to the growth of OCBC.

Apart from creating a nurturing environment where our people can grow their career, we also prioritise health, safety and overall wellbeing of our people. We understand the significance of providing comprehensive support for their physical and mental wellbeing as it contributes to both job satisfaction and workforce productivity. We aim not only to enhance the individual’s wellbeing, but also that of the team and organisation as a whole.

Our management approach
We are committed to foster opportunities for our employees. We firmly believe in the inherent talent and distinct skill sets that each employee brings to the organisation. By leveraging on their unique skills and experiences, they can chart their own growth journeys within the Bank.

Our focus is on creating a sustainable pool of future-ready talents by offering carefully curated learning opportunities for upskilling and comprehensive development. We prioritise skills-first career growth and continuous learning experiences for our employees, all of which are aligned with our core philosophy.

We recognise the importance of cultivating a thriving talent management ecosystem that aligns with our values. By doing so, we build knowledge and expertise in the banking industry. As we develop our employees’ skills and careers, we remain steadfast in our commitment to our employees’ wellbeing. We ensure that our growth as an organisation is matched by our dedication to the ethical and respectful treatment of our workforce.

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Cultivating a thriving talent ecosystem

Workplace diversity

Building a vibrant workforce

Why this is material to us
Embracing diversity matters to us and is pivotal to our sustained and long-term success. We foster a culture where all individuals are respected, appreciated for their uniqueness, and provided equal opportunities to contribute, learn and progress. We believe in empowering our workforce to advocate for positive change, driving products that increase equity and accessibility, and actively supporting improvements across our communities. Together, we harness the strength of our diverse perspectives to enhance decision making, better understand and cater to the needs of our clients and foster innovation and creativity within the Group.

Our management approach
We consistently foster a culture that is supportive and nurturing, ensuring that employees from all backgrounds feel valued and empowered. Our commitment to diversity is reflected in our Board Diversity Policy, which ensures that our board comprises directors of varying ages, gender, skills and backgrounds. This diverse composition serves as a foundation for promoting diversity throughout our workforce. In addition, we offer family friendly policies, as well as wellbeing and workplace support measures, so that everyone feels that they belong and are supported in OCBC.

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Diversity in our workplace

Community development

Empowering communities and enriching lives

Why this is material to us
At OCBC, we acknowledge that our business growth is deeply connected to societal wellbeing. Being a regional financial services provider with a wide business footprint in Asia, we recognise that the way we conduct business has a lasting impact on the development of society and the environment. As such, our mission to give back goes beyond offering high-quality financial services.

Our management approach
In addition to our dedication to financial inclusivity, we also inspire our workforce to actively contribute to society and the various markets we operate in. At the heart of our approach is encouraging volunteerism among employees, the promotion of financial resilience for individuals and businesses, and a steadfast commitment to transparency in economic contributions as well as responsible tax management, as we strive towards building trust and ensuring a sustainable future for all.

We are also committed to supporting underserved communities in strategic areas across our core markets. We seek to help these communities overcome challenges and meet their needs through curated programmes and tailored activities facilitated by our employee volunteers. Our community engagement programmes through our #OCBCCares Programme are anchored around key thematic areas, aligned with the Group’s Sustainability Framework:

  • Families: Supporting cohesive and healthy family units.
  • The Elderly: Meeting the health and social interaction needs of the ageing population.
  • Persons with Special Needs: Encouraging social inclusion and acceptance.
  • Children and Youths: Providing guidance and support for children and youths from lower-resourced backgrounds.

Our continual dedication to financial inclusion is upheld by a comprehensive approach that addresses the retail and commercial needs of our customers throughout various growth phases. Our retail offerings tailored for each phase of life include Child Development Accounts (CDA) for young families, FRANK Student Loans for youth, OCBC Life Goals for career-focused adults, and the OCBC Digital Silvers Programme for seniors. This is complemented with bespoke and innovative products for SMEs that cater to their dynamic business needs.

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