Cultivating a thriving talent ecosystem

Supporting our people

Our talent management and wellbeing initiatives grow out of a dynamic set of policies. These key policies are routinely updated and reviewed to ensure that our actions align with the Bank’s purpose, values and ambition. These guiding principles are instrumental in fostering a culture that supports our people’s professional growth and personal welfare.

Grow Your Way
In 2023, we made a deliberate strategic pivot from Future Smart, our skill-focused development, to Grow Your Way Expedition, our skills-first growth and mobility initiative. Grow Your Way aims to create employee excitement around Career Mobility and showcase the diverse career growth options within OCBC. Alongside our existing 19,000 programmes for employees, our inaugural Grow Your Way event saw the birth of another two of our signature programmes — Build Your Skills Portfolio workshops for employees and Coaching for Growth certification programme for leaders. Complementing this, we are currently developing MOBI, an AI-powered platform that allows employees to assess their skills and delve into potential career possibilities.

Learner’s Commitments
We are committed to provide all employees with an overall average of 37.5 learning hours per employee per year.

Our People’s Holistic Wellbeing – My Wellness Framework
In our commitment to ensure the wellbeing of our employees, we developed a dynamic Group-wide MyWellness Framework. It serves as a robust support system that empowers our valued employees to proactively invest in their health and wellness, and is designed to safeguard their financial, physical, mental and family wellbeing.