Our brand promise – Simply Spot On

OCBC launched our Brand Promise campaign on 29 October 2018. The tagline Simply Spot On is our pledge to customers – that we take the time and effort to listen to you, to truly understand your needs, before coming up with the best solutions for you.

On 15 July 2019, we introduced Singapore’s first Financial Wellness Index where we surveyed 2,000 people to truly understand our customers.

“The new tagline is easy to remember, but not easy to live up to. It is simple and clear in what we are promising our customers, but it also means that we have set ourselves a very high bar to meet. That is why everyone at OCBC is committed to living the Brand Promise every day so that we can deliver the Simply Spot On experience to our customers consistently.”

⁠— Samuel Tsien, Group CEO

2019 Short Films

These short films highlight insights from the OCBC Financial Wellness Index. Simply Spot On.

Yoga x Saving habits

More working women are practising yoga, but how many have savings to tide them for 6 months?

Cycling x Retirement planning

More people are cycling but how many are ready for retirement?

Gym x Financial protection

More millennial men are working out, but how many have medical insurance?

Eat healthily x Regular review

More mothers are eating healthily but how many go for their annual financial review?

Hiking x Retirement planning

More men are taking steps to keep fit, but how many can maintain their lifestyle after retirement?

Count calories x Regular investing

More women are eating healthily but how many are investing regularly to accumulate emergency funds?

2018 Short Films

Fulfilling Life Goals

In this first story, you will see the anxiety many young Singaporean parents face about planning for their child's future education. Whether their child's dream is to study overseas or in Singapore, parents will always do their best to fulfil it. Here, OCBC endeavours to support parents with the right financial advice to help them meet their child's dream.

This is our promise - to be Simply Spot On.

Venturing Into The Next Business

Many young Singaporeans have dreams of being their own boss. Because of their drive and passion, they often do not want to stop at one business. From their first venture to their next, OCBC endeavours to support serial entrepreneurs without treating the next business like their first.

This is our promise - to be Simply Spot On.

Growing Your Wealth

Here, you will see the story of two career women who have been investing for their future. Given how global many Singaporeans are, it is not uncommon for them to invest beyond our own shores.
Whatever their risk appetite or investment strategy, OCBC endeavours to support investors with timely insights.

This is our promise - to be Simply Spot On.

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