We promise to be Simply Spot On

Our brand

Modern, Progressive and Timeless

Since 1932, OCBC Bank has built an invaluable franchise over decades of strong, long-term relationships with our customers. We recognise that we play an important role in serving, growing and enriching society. It is only when others grow and thrive that we also prosper. By supporting our customers with forward-looking solutions to address their needs, our brand has become one of strength and dynamism.

Prioritising the trust of our stakeholders and holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards have led the OCBC Bank name to become synonymous with integrity, reliability and financial soundness. We have remained resilient, outlasting countless challenges, multiple recessions and major political upheavals.

Through continuous innovation and caring for our communities, we help to shape a more sustainable future. Our brand reflects this modern and progressive mindset.

our logo

One of the most recognisable elements of our logo is the iconic mark. It is a stylised representation of a traditional Chinese sailing junk at sail, enclosed within a bold 'O'. This evokes the journeys of Chinese pioneers who crossed the seas in search of fortune in new lands.

Singapore's national colour, red, is also our brand colour. It represents strength, dynamism, prosperity and success. Our heritage and vision are reflected in the OCBC red - enterprising, resourceful and effective.

In the same way Chinese sailing junks braved new seas with fearlessness, we too, are constantly expanding beyond our borders. This sense of purposeful movement is conveyed by the three lines of the sail and the horizontal lines that represent waves.

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our brand promise

We promise to be Simply Spot On

Our Simply Spot On brand promise is anchored on our purpose and values. It reflects our commitment to help you achieve your aspirations with a Simply Spot On experience.

Our brand promise cuts across everything that we do - our products and processes; channels and capabilities; customer services and interactions.

Whether it's responding to a query or helping you grow your investments, we make it a point to truly understand and anticipate your needs, so that our support and solutions can be Simply Spot On.

With an understanding of your needs, the smaller circle comes together to form a larger circle that represents our promise to consistently deliver a Simply Spot On experience.

The smaller circle symbolises our commitment to understanding and anticipating your needs, no matter how small.

Our brand support

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