This is our Brand Promise

We make it a point to truly understand our customers so that we can be Simply Spot On for you through every stage of your life

OCBC launched our Brand Promise campaign on 29 October 2018. The tagline Simply Spot On is our pledge to customers – that we take the time and effort to listen to you, to truly understand your needs, before coming up with the best solutions for you.

"The new tagline is easy to remember, but not easy to live up to. It is simple and clear in what we are promising our customers, but it also means that we have set ourselves a very high bar to meet. That is why everyone at OCBC is committed to living the Brand Promise every day so that we can deliver the Simply Spot On experience to our customers consistently."

Samuel Tsien, Group CEO

Over the next few months of this campaign, we will share some stories where customers have told us how we have helped them succeed with our solutions.

More Stories Coming Soon

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