ATM Services

Convenient banking services
with your OCBC ATM and debit cards

Access ATMs

    We have over 1,200 ATMs* islandwide at convenient locations such as MRT stations, bus interchanges, selected Esso petrol stations, NTUC FairPrice outlets and major shopping centres.

    *Includes UOB ATMs under the Shared ATM network. Service charge will be waived from 1 April 2017 to 31 December 2018.

    The ATMs are equipped with anti-card skimming measures so you can be assured that your money is safe with us.

    Main services

    • Withdraw cash / view account balances
    • Now you can also withdraw cash at all Sheng Siong stores and participating 7-Eleven stores. Find out more
    • Deposit and withdraw cash at ATM Plus machines
    • Transfer money between OCBC accounts
    • Top up NETS FlashPay, EZ-link card and mobile prepaid cards
    • Pay Any Card service


    You may transfer funds using any of the following options:

    • OCBC Online Banking
    • Visit any OCBC branch


    List of ATM services
    Find nearest ATM
    ATM card services form

Deposit cash & update passbook

    Deposit cash
    You may deposit cash conveniently at any of our ATMs with Cash Deposit Facility that are located islandwide.

    • Deposit cash with or without an ATM/Debit card or with a passbook
    • $2, $5, $10, $50, $100 and $1,000 Singapore dollar notes are accepted
    • Maximum 200 pieces of notes and not exceeding $20,000 per deposit
    • Up to 5 deposits per account daily

    SG50 commemorative notes are currently not accepted. If you wish to deposit any SG50 commemorative notes, please go to OCBC branch counter.

    Update passbook
    Get your latest account information by updating your passbook (for passbook accounts only).

    Find nearest cash deposit and passbook update machine

Top up your EZ-Link concession cards at our ATMs

    You are now able to top up all Senior Citizen, Singapore Armed Forces and Student concession cards at any OCBC ATMs (previously available for only standard Adult EZ-Link cards).

    • Make top ups 24/7 at any of our conveniently-placed ATMs islandwide.
    • You only need your ATM card and EZ-Link card – money will be deducted directly from the OCBC account of your choice.

Withdraw cash overseas

    Need to withdraw money overseas? Please ensure that the overseas ATM cash withdrawal feature on your OCBC ATM, credit or debit card (linked to your savings or current account) is activated.

    You may do so via any of the following:

    OCBC Online Banking

       1. Login with your OCBC Online Banking Access Code and Select "Customer Service" Overseas card use.

       2. Key in the OTP (One-time Password).

       3.Under the Overseas ATM withdrawals column, check/uncheck the box for the relevant card.

       4.Key in the OTP

    *OCBC Business Debit Card customers without OCBC Online Banking will not be able to activate the overseas ATM cash withdrawal on their card via Online Banking. Should you wish to activate overseas cash withdrawal, please submit the OCBC Business Debit Card Maintenance form below.

    OCBC Mobile Banking

       1. Login with your OCBC Online Banking Access Code and PIN.

       2. Open navigation menu (top-left) > More services > Card Services > Manage overseas card usage.

       3. Key in the OTP (One-time Password).

       4. Search for the relevant card and check/uncheck the Overseas ATM withdrawals active box.

       5. Key in the OTP


       1.Send an SMS to 72323, or if overseas, +65 9327 2323 with:

    • To activate
      ATM space <NRIC> space <last 4 digits of card no> space <start date in DDMMYY> space <end date in DDMMYY> space <activate>

      ATM S7612345X 1234 011216 311216 ACTIVATE

    • To deactivate,
      ATM space <NRIC> space <last 4 digits of card no> space <deactivate>
      ATM S7637838X 1234 DEACTIVATE

       2. Key in OTP and send, if applicable.

    This option is available for Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents, until further notice.

    *If you have not registered for our SMS-OTP service, you will not need to enter OTP. The request will be processed within one working day.

  • Via SMS Assist - OCBC Mobile Banking App
  •    1. Click on the "SMS Assist" icon.

       2. Select "Manage overseas cash withdrawal".

       3. Enter your particulars.

       4. Select "Activate" or "Deactivate".

       5. To activate/deactivate the overseas ATM cash withdrawal feature, check/uncheck the appropriate boxes and follow the steps accordingly.

       6. You will receive with a One Time Password (OTP) via SMS on your mobile phone. Key in the OTP to proceed.

    Via Mail in forms

  • (Activation or Deactivation within 7 working days)
  • Mail in forms

    Via other channels

    Visit your nearest OCBC branch, or call us(phone banking) at 1800 363 3333. If overseas, call +65 6363 3333

Fees and charges for ATM Usage

    OCBC Wing Hang ATMs in Hong Kong and Macau: Free
  • OCBC Malaysia ATMs in Malaysia: Free
  • OCBC NISP ATMs in Indonesia: Free
  • MEPS participating banks' ATMs* in Malaysia: S$5
  • Other ATMs in China and other countries with Visa/PLUS service:
    1. Nominal service charge of 3% is levied on the S$ equivalent of the amount withdrawn (min S$5 and max S$20 per transaction)
    2. Administrative fee of 1.8% of the foreign currency transaction^
    3. Additional service fee, which may vary from bank to bank, may be imposed by the ATM bank

*Participating banks include Maybank, RHB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Bank Rakyat, Ambank, Public Bank, MEPS' ATM and Affin Bank.

^Foreign currency transactions are converted to local currency based on the rate determined by the respective card associations. Costs incurred by the Bank due to this currency conversion, together with the administrative fee will be debited to your card account as part of the foreign currency transaction.

Make NETS payments

    OCBC ATM and debit cards are NETS-enabled*. These NETS services are available to your card:

    • NETS purchases (up to card daily limit, inclusive of local and overseas cash withdrawals)
    • NETS cashback service

    *On the NETS terminal, please choose "CURRENT" if your account number is 12 digits (excluding dashes). Otherwise, please choose "SAVINGS".

Cash & Go - More cash withdrawal access points

    In addition to withdrawing cash at OCBC ATMs, you can also withdraw cash at any Sheng Siong stores and participating 7-Eleven stores islandwide using any of the following cards:

    • your OCBC ATM card;
    • your OCBC debit or credit card which is linked to your current or savings account

    Stores 7-11 Sheng Siong    
    Withdrawal Limit S$200 per transaction

    Subjected to store's cash availability and customer's daily withdrawal limit
    S$1,000 per transaction

    Subjected to store's cash availability and customer's daily withdrawal limit
    Denominations S$10S$10
    Requirements and other info Any purchase of any value

    Not applicable to 7-Eleven stores at Shell petrol stations and Changi Airport
    Any purchase of any value

    Available at all Sheng Siong Stores