Social Responsibility and Sustainability


Our human resource policies, programmes and practices are aligned with our core value of people, which requires us to treat one another fairly and with respect. We are committed to developing our employees, putting in place policies and programmes to help them realise their full potential.

Talent development

We have a structured three-year development programme that charts the learning roadmaps for every employee during their first 3 years of service. 

Employees have opportunities to hone their skills through on-the-job training, in-house training programmes, courses and other management development programmes.

Our employees are encouraged to take charge of their own careers through our Career Best Program. This programme allows them to evaluate their strengths and career orientation, and find the best fit between their talents and OCBC’s organisational needs.

Through our Internal Job-Posting Programme, we provide employees the choice to pursue job opportunities across the OCBC Group, locally and overseas. This career mobility opportunity is key to attracting and retaining talents in the organisation.

Overseas postings are offered to employees who have the right skill sets and aspire to gain work experience in the different markets that we operate in.

Work-life Integration

We offer various work-life integration programmes to help our employees succeed in their careers and personal lives. We also organise team-building activities to promote staff bonding.

Online health and security dashboard

Our online health and security dashboard captures the health and security profile of countries in which OCBC has a presence. The Health indicator shows possible threats such as disease outbreaks while the Security indicator provides warnings of riots, terrorist activities or natural disasters.

Employees who are planning to travel to these countries can scan the dashboard for any threats that may affect them. We also send travel advisory alerts to our employees to discourage travel to countries where their health or safety may be compromised.

Labour regulations

We are in full compliance with the labour laws and regulations of the countries that we operate in.

Relationships with unions

In Singapore, we maintain an open communication channel with the two relevant labour unions, namely, the Singapore Bank Employees' Union and the Singapore Bank Officers' Association. These two unions are members of the National Trade Union Congress.

In Malaysia, the unions that we work closely with are the National Union of Bank Employees, the Association of Bank Officers, the Sarawak Bank Employees’ Union and the Sabah Bank Employees’ Union.