Growing a sustainable business

Our sustainability strategy

As a bank, our actions impact our wider network of stakeholders, including customers, communities, investors, employees and regulators. We aspire to create a positive social, environmental and economic impact by embedding responsible and sustainable business practices in everything we do, in order to build a sustainable future for all.

Anchored by our purpose and values, and bolstered by a robust sustainability governance structure, our Sustainability Strategy encompasses three sustainability pillars which align with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aspects.

The sustainability pillars set out the 13 material ESG factors deemed significant to our business operations and reflecting our stakeholders’ priorities. These factors guide the Group’s sustainability efforts.

Sustainability report

We aim to demonstrate transparency and accountability to our stakeholders with our annual sustainability report.

Through our report, we hope to be responsive to stakeholders’ interests and concerns, in order to build mutual understanding, trust and respect. For more information on our sustainability efforts and performance relating to each of our material ESG factors:

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