Valuing our people


    Why this is material to us

    We believe in the importance of creating an inclusive workplace, building a culture that embraces differences and recognises the value and contributions of individuals at all levels of employees.


    Our approach

    Our approach ensures that we cultivate a workplace culture where all employees are provided with equal opportunities and different views are valued. This includes policies on issues such as:

    • Learning and Development: We offer a compelling work experience and a wide range of relevant training and development programmes to empower employees to realise their full potential and take charge of their learning journey.

    • Diversity and Inclusion: The OCBC Employer Brand articulates our programmes and policies, which are anchored on three Employer Brand pillars: Caring, Progressive and Delivering a Difference.

    • Work-Life Integration: We support our employees’ aspiration to succeed in both their careers and personal lives, offering flexible work arrangements for working parents who need to juggle demands both at home and at work. We also provide childcare centres with full facilities at three of our sites.

    • Anti-Bullying and Harassment: Our Code of Conduct has guidelines for our employees concerning anti-bullying and harassment. We have a robust grievance handling procedure in place for employees to share their concerns without any fear of retaliation.


    It is also important for us to ensure that we continue to be a learning organisation, with adaptable employees who are willing to step up and share with their peers.


    • OCBC Future Smart Programme
      Announced in 2018, this represents our largest-scale and most ambitious digital transformation initiative to date: A S$20 million investment in our employees over three years. The programme promotes learning agility, as well as global and sustainability perspectives. It also anticipates future business needs, with a focus on digitalisation, that will impact our people.

    • Mentorship Opportunities for Female Employees
      Under the MentorMe programme, junior female employees are mentored by senior leaders within the Bank. This nine-month mentorship programme provides a network for women to support one another to achieve personal and professional success.

    • LifeRefresh@OCBC Programme for Older Employees
      Since 2016, over 300 employees have participated in this lifelong learning programme.
      In 2019, our lifelong programme for employees aged 50 and above centred around four main pillars – strengths building, financial planning, health & wellness and digital learning. The 2019 programme included workshops to help them understand their strengths better and build social networks for the next life stage, financial planning to help them better plan for retirement and aging simulation and longevity optimisation to raise awareness on healthy ageing.

    Talent Management and Retention

    Why this is material to us

    The needs of society continue to evolve with changing demographics and advancement in technology. As employees are critical assets of the Bank, it is imperative that we continue to attract, retain and invest in the best talent to ensure that our business is future-ready.


    Our approach

    We are committed to developing our employees throughout their career at the Bank, helping them to realise their full potential to thrive in the rapidly-changing economy.

    For our employees to thrive in the future world, more than 150 job roles were reviewed. We identified one-third to have high transformation potential and ensured development plans are in place. In 2018, OCBC launched the Future Smart initiative, our largest scale and most ambitious digital transformation initiative to date, where we committed to invest S$20 million in the development of our employees over three years.

    We continue to move employee development forward with our strategic thrust, with a focus on up-skilling and re-skilling our employees in key digital competencies. Future Smart is a group wide initiative and is rolled out to all key markets and entities in OCBC Group.


    • First Bank in Asia to Launch AI Scholarship
      Launched the postgraduate OCBC AI Scholarship in partnership with the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Management University (SMU). The OCBC Regional Undergraduate Scholarship was also launched to support talent with regional aspirations to study overseas and gain regional exposure.

    • OCBC Graduate Talent Programme
      Grooms the next generation of leaders through a 24-month structured programme with rotations and opportunity to work on real business projects with industry experts and build a regional network with graduate talents across the OCBC Group. It enables young leaders to accelerate their career path in the banking and finance industry.

    • New Digital Internship Programme – ProDIGI
      OCBC NISP launched ProDiGi, a new digital internship programme that aims to nurture talent through intensive mentorship, workshops and an opportunity to gain work experience in Singapore. In 2019, 123 students applied and competed to be one of the top three winning ideas, the Best Prototype award and a coveted spot in the internship.

    • Launch of Two Certification Pathways
      - Launched a data certification pathway in collaboration with Ngee Ann Polytechnic to grow the pool of data scientists and data analysts in Singapore. All 13 modules were developed in consultation with OCBC subject matter experts and industry practitioners. The courses are also funded under Skills Future and is available to the general public in Singapore through Ngee Ann Polytechnic.
      - Launched the Cyber Certification Pathway comprising 16 modules and simulation hacks to develop up to 200 Cyber Risk Analysts and/or Cyber Security Specialists.

    • Nurturing young talent to be game-changers in the banking industry — FRANKpreneurship
      A 16-week internship for young individuals offering training and mentorship in entrepreneurship.


    In addition, we revamped our suite of executive development programmes (EDPs) to ensure they remain relevant to the needs of the business:

    • New Senior Leaders programme (BOLD): A flagship 9-month programme in partnership with IESE to help senior leaders overcome the increasingly complex challenges of a fast-changing world, tackling topics such as sustainability and digital transformation.

    • New OCBC Nanyang Technological University Executive Development Programme (OCBC NTU EDP): Co-developed with Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the programme saw employees from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China participating in the inaugural one-week programme which focused on developing leadership skillsets and transforming mindsets from “I” to We”.

    • Graduate Talent Programme: Extended from one to two years, incorporating compulsory attachments at Branch, Compliance and Operations, to provide young talents with a holistic experience of the Bank.