Our #OCBCCares Programme focuses on doing our part to protect the environment and on helping the more vulnerable in society.

    We partner the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) to improve access to healthcare for people with special needs.

    First-of-its-kind clinic

    The MINDS Disability Clinic, which OCBC helped fund, provides diagnosis and speedy treatment of individuals with special needs. The health booklet we sponsored has been a useful tool for referrals to GPs, polyclinics and hospitals. It documents the patient’s health details as well as behavioural conditions, including how to calm the patient and what ‘trigger points’ to avoid.

    “This book follows me wherever I go so if anything happens to me, the medical team will know what to do.”

    - Mohamad Irwan Shah

    Healthcare professionals at the clinic take every effort to ensure each beneficiary is comfortable during the consultation and provide referrals and recommendations to appropriate healthcare specialists and agencies. Regular assessment can help detect early onset of chronic diseases. The top 4 diseases that have been detected at the clinic include hypertension, obesity, diabetes and dental decay.

    Shawn and Irwan get seamless medical care

    A special kind of clinic

    Shawn Chia, 21, and Mohamad Irwan Shah, 36, are among 750 individuals receiving care at the MINDS Disability Clinic.

    How you can help

    Be it volunteering medical services, donating medical equipment or cash to support the clinic, there are many ways you can make a difference for people with special needs.

    Contact MINDS to find out more.