Accelerating the transition to a net-zero future

We enable our clients’ transition through strategic advisory, innovative financial solutions and ecosystem partnerships, across our multifaceted businesses.

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climate action

Charting a climate-resilient future

Why this is material to us
The escalating impact of human-induced climate change on both people and ecosystems underscores the clear, present, and pervasive nature of climate risk, emphasising the critical need for urgent and substantial emission reductions to decisively curb global warming. Climate risks including physical and transition risks can impact our customers and their financial health and cause financial and reputational risks for the financial sector. At the same time, the transition to a low-carbon economy presents a significant opportunity for financial institutions such as OCBC to collaborate with our customers and stakeholders in supporting global climate action and ensuring long-term value creation for our customers and society at large.

Our management approach
As a financial institution that is a connector of capital, we recognise that we have the responsibility and ability to play a critical enabling role in driving climate action.

We will manage the opportunities and risks of climate change by aligning our portfolio with our commitment to achieve net zero by 2050, enhancing our knowledge and capabilities in climate risk management and managing the Bank’s operational environmental footprint. We continue to face challenges in obtaining accurate and complete data in the calculations. These challenges have not and will not deter us from intensifying our actions to achieve our net-zero ambitions.

With increased emphasis on the net-zero transition, we participated actively in the MAS’ consultation on a set of supervisory guidelines on transition planning. We will review the Bank’s relevant policies and processes to take into consideration clients’ transitional activities, as industry practices, regulatory expectations and the knowledge base on transition planning evolve.

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Responsible financing

Driving responsible growth

Why this is material to us
The escalating challenge of climate change and the critical imperative for sustainable development present a dual landscape of business risks and opportunities within the banking industry. As we navigate these evolving risks, particularly in the ESG domain, we prioritise effective ESG risk management and responsible lending practices to safeguard our businesses while contributing to a greener future.

Our management approach
Our approach is rooted in the principles of risk management and responsible lending. We are cognisant of the significant impact our financing activities can have on the environment and society. We also recognise the diverse physical and transition risks that climate change poses to both our clients and the Bank’s portfolio. As such, our primary objective is to prudently navigate and mitigate these risks and provide a steadfast commitment to guide our clients towards the transition to a low-carbon economy, in alignment with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

This strategic focus goes beyond fulfilling our social responsibilities; it is also instrumental in mitigating the Bank’s exposure to climate-related risks and safeguarding the long-term value of our clients’ assets.

We are guided by our Responsible Financing Framework and Policies which outline OCBC’s approach and dedication to managing ESG risks within our lending practices. Our Framework and Policies detail our ESG-focused strategy for both lending and debt-related activities, encompassing debt issuance and underwriting, and applies to new and existing corporate, commercial, and institutional clients. We firmly adhere to a policy of non-engagement in any financing activities that are on our exclusion and prohibition lists where there is clear evidence of immitigable adverse impact to the environment, people or communities, or where there is a breach of local regulations.

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Sustainable financial solutions

Supporting our partners' climate aspirations

Why this is material to us
At OCBC, we strive to be Asia’s leading financial services partner for a sustainable future. We recognise our responsibility and opportunities in directing capital towards the transition to a net-zero economy and sustainable future. Through transition engagement and innovative financing and investment products, we partner with our customers to support their aspirations while driving positive impact for the environment and society.

Our management approach
We have been offering our customers sustainable and transition finance solutions across sectors as early as 2018. In 2023, we continued to expand our sustainable finance expertise across our key markets in Singapore, Malaysia and Greater China, offering our customers across the region bespoke transition engagement and financing solutions to enable their transition to a low-carbon future.

On the investments front, we make it our priority to understand our customers’ individual goals, needs and preferences. Our ESG product offerings are targeted at four different customer segments – high-net-worth individuals, retail customers, corporate clients and institutional clients.

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