OCBC Whistleblowing Programme

This programme aims to promote an honest, ethical and fair environment for our customers, employees and shareholders.

About the OCBC Whistleblowing Programme

At OCBC, we are committed to the highest level of integrity and value high ethical standards. Policies under the OCBC Whistleblowing Programme are established to maintain a work environment that is honest, ethical and fair for our customers, employees and shareholders. When sufficient information is provided, a thorough and unbiased investigation will be carried out.

Integrity through independence

The whistleblowing portal and hotline are managed by an external vendor, NAVEX Global, via the Ethics Point portal. This allows independent communication on fact finding and their reporting to the bank will be governed in a secured operating environment.

Keeping your information and identity safe

Protection for Whistleblowers

Information received from a whistleblower will be held in the strictest confidence, unless OCBC is compelled by law to disclose. OCBC will not treat any whistleblower negatively or prejudice against them.

Providing Anonymity

A whistleblower can also choose to remain anonymous when making the report. All whistleblowing reports will be taken seriously and assessed, whether they are anonymous or not.

Ready to make a report?

Visit the whistleblower portal to make a report.

The portal is managed by an external vendor, NAVEX Global.