Receiving Payments

Electronic Collections

You can set up a collection arrangement to receive scheduled payments from your customers. This arrangement is possible even if your customers do not have an OCBC account.


Receiving Payments in Singapore Dollars (within OCBC Singapore or other banks in Singapore)

Standard processing


Instant processing

(FAST - Fast And Secure Transfers)
For non-urgent transfers which takes up to 2 working days For urgent transfers which is almost immediate, to any of the 19 participating banks
Available on working days only Available anytime
(24x7, 365 days)
No transaction limit Limited to a maximum of S$200,000 per transaction
  • S$5 per transaction
Available via Velocity@ocbc
(business internet banking) only
Available via Velocity@ocbc
(business internet banking) only


Incoming Funds (payments initiated by payer)

Provide these details to your customers to receive payments for


MEPS & Telegraphic Transfers:

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited



Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited



In addition, to receive payments (telegraphic transfers) in USD, you may provide our intermediary
bank’s SWIFT code for faster processing:

JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, USA



Single cheque

You can deposit single cheques received from your customers into your OCBC acocunt. 


Bulk cheque service

Suitable for businesses that require a single credit entry for multiple cheque deposits and have high volume of cheques. Optional third-party secure courier services for delivery are also available.

More about bulk cheque service


Let OCBC receive and process your cheques

Save time and effort with a dedicated lockbox for your customers to send cheques to. OCBC will receive and process the cheques in your lockbox daily.

More about lockbox service

Card Payments

Visa and MasterCard

Let us enable your business to receive Visa and MasterCard payments from your customers. You can choose to accept payment for:

  • In-store sales through credit card terminals or contactless payments by Paywave or Paypass;
  • Online sales and services through internet payment

To enjoy this convenience and other merchant benefits at competitive service fees, apply for a Merchant Account. A Relationship Manager will guide you through the application and set up process. Your account will be opened within 7 business days from receipt of all required documents.

Apply for Merchant Account

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Services available 24 hours

Payment Terminal Fault Please contact the vendor directly. The hotline is indicated at the side of your terminal.
Monday to Sunday, including Public Holidays
Enquiring on Card Authorisation Phone: 6535 9733
Monday to Sunday, including Public Holidays


Other Services

Financial enquiries Phone: 6876 6645
Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm.
General enquiries Phone: 6530 1652
Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm.


Bulk cash service

We offer deferred counting for prompt and efficient crediting. This is suitable for businesses with large cash deposits with the flexibility of engaging third-party courier services for delivery.

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