Latest insights and investment opportunities

Latest insights and investment opportunities

About OCBC Wealth Panel

About OCBC Wealth Panel

OCBC Wealth Panel draws on the collective expertise and experience of wealth management experts from OCBC Group, namely OCBC Bank, OCBC Investment Research, Lion Global Investors, and Bank of Singapore. With over 200 years of investment experience, the panel provides timely advisory services to grow, manage, and protect your wealth.
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2024: Is it time to be optimistic?

16 January 2024

Several global economic and geopolitical uncertainties have caused a great deal of market volatility in 2023, but will the outlook improve in 2024? And are there good reasons for investors to be optimistic about the next 12 to 18 months? If so, what are some investment opportunities to keep in mind and the strategies to adopt?

Seek opportunities amid turbulent markets

19 July 2023

The markets are expected to remain volatile for the next six months. While volatility can mean risk for some, it can also offer opportunities for investors who are prepared to look past short-term headwinds. So what is the best investment strategy to adopt? What are some opportunities to keep in mind?

2023: Recession or Recovery?

11 January 2023

2022 has been a challenging year for the global economy and investment markets. After close to a year of being battered by inflation and rising interest rates, are major economies headed for a recession? Find out what our experts have to say about this as they share their views on the outlook for 2023 and potential investment opportunities that should not be overlooked.

What to expect from China's National People's Congress?

28 September 2022

The Chinese leaders are geared up to convene their 20th National People's Congress meeting, earlier than expected. Is this positive for the economy and will China change its zero-Covid strategy? In this video, we discuss high level outcomes – if China’s top leadership may shift their focus from political stability to economic recovery, and implications for investors.

Navigating Market Turbulence

14 July 2022

In recent months, we have witnessed several global headwinds. How should investors position their portfolios to better manage uncertain and volatile markets, weighing opportunities against risks? Our panel of experts share their views and useful insights to sail through these turbulent times.

Are we near a market bottom?

23 May 2022

Markets have seen a great deal of volatility in recent weeks due to a multitude of factors, including concerns about inflation, aggressive monetary policy and a possible recession. Find out more from our experts as they share their investment outlook for markets, and potential opportunities over the medium term for those looking to buy on dips.

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