Online Banking Security

There is nothing we take more seriously
than your security

We know how important your money and your personal details are to you, and that’s why we use leading-edge and industry-standard technology and processes to help ensure that your privacy and transactions are not compromised on our servers, and that your interests are safeguarded.

Our guarantee

In the unlikely event that you do suffer from online fraud, we guarantee a full refund of any money that has been fraudulently transferred out of your account via our Internet and Mobile Banking service, subject to our Electronic Banking Terms & Conditions.

Our guarantee protects you if you have played your part in protecting yourself from fraud by adopting the following measures:

  • You have kept your hardware token secure at all times;
  • You have not shared your security details with anyone (these include your Access Code, PIN and security token);
  • You have equipped your computer or mobile device with the latest available operating system. You should not be accessing your online banking using jail-broken or �rooted� mobile devices;
  • Your computer device should also be equipped with the latest operating system security patches, anti-virus or anti-malware software. The installed operating system and software should be regularly updated to the latest version and run with latest signatures;
  • You have followed our recommendations on Safeguarding Your Internet Banking Access and complied with all your obligations under the Electronic Banking Terms & Conditions and the Terms & Conditions Governing Deposit Accounts;
  • You have updated us immediately when there is a change in your contact details, such as mobile number and e-mail address, for the purposes of receiving SMS alerts or e-mail notifications for online banking transactions and activities;
  • You have updated us immediately when you change your mobile number for receiving One-time Password (OTP) via SMS; and
  • You inform us immediately if:
    • you are aware of any suspected fraud, including any compromise or loss of your security device or security details; or
    • you receive SMS or e-mail alerts for transactions which you did not perform; or
    • you are alerted on change of daily withdrawal limit or add beneficiary for transfer to an account which you do not know of or did not perform,
    and you furnish us with all information requested by us and provide your full co-operation.

Should you become a victim of an unauthorised transaction, please inform us immediately. You can report to us at 1800 363 3333 at any time or by contacting one of our branches during their opening hours.

Upon receipt of your report, we resolve to get back to you within 7 working days. Depending on the complexity of the claims, we will notify you accordingly if we require more time for investigations.

When you sign up, you'll get a user name and PIN that is unique to you.

A new generation hardware token will also be provided which allows you to authorize important transactions like adding a new payee through Online Banking.

More about the new token

Secured, encrypted pages

You'll see a "closed lock" icon on our online banking pages, starting with the login screen. This means that from the moment information leaves your computer to the time it enters our system, it's encrypted using some of the strongest technologies available today.

Only our servers have the proper codes to turn your information back into data that will complete your transactions. This means that your information is nearly impossible for unwanted intruders to decipher.

Transaction password

When you do make transactions online using OCBC Online Banking, our system requires you to enter one time passwords from your personalised access token.

Timed log-off

If you leave your computer or forget to log off, our system will automatically log you off after 10 minutes.

Network security

All of our banking systems sit behind one of the most advanced firewalls available today. This means that intruders can't get access.

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