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In line with our enhanced security measures, we are introducing a new hardware token to help you protect important online transactions and enable you to do more of your banking online.

How to Activate Token

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Important Notice:
The previous generation hardware token cannot be used from 1 April 2013

The new OCBC token is a personal security device that comes with 2 main features:

  • SIGN – to create a unique code required to complete selective important transactions listed in the table below (This step is required for these transactions with effect from 20 December 2012)

You can use the new token to generate a One-Time Password for login to OCBC Online Banking and also for transactions that require OTP just like before.

However, the token provides higher security for important online banking transactions as it uses numbers that you provide and the "SIGN" button feature to generate a code that is required to complete these transactions. The table below lists the transactions that will now require this token.

Please take a look at the instructional tutorials on this page to give you an idea of how the token will be used. We have also included step-by-step instructions on screen in our Online Banking to guide you as you perform each of these transactions.

Learn more about our enhanced security measures here.

Instructional tutorials

Token Table

How Does This Affect Existing Online Banking Customers

Sms Image

For existing SMS OTP users

You can continue to use SMS OTP for your Online Banking activities except for the transactions above that require the new token.

Token Device Image

For existing hardware token users

Your existing hardware token cannot be used from 1 April 2013. Please see below on how to request for the new OCBC token. You will first need to activate your new token before discarding your existing token, which will be deactivated.

How do you request for the new OCBC token?

If you have been regularly logging in to Online Banking, you would have received your new token by 30 November 2012. Otherwise, you will be automatically prompted to request for the new token after you have logged in to OCBC Online Banking.

Once you receive your new token, please activate it immediately. You will need the new token for the important transactions listed above from 20 December 2012.

Activating your new OCBC Token

Log in to OCBC Online Banking and activate your new OCBC token in 3 simple steps:

Activate Now

Read FAQs for more information

If you require more help, call us at 1800 363 3333 or send an email to contactus@ocbc.com.