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with OCBC Balance Transfer

Online Exclusive Promotion
Enjoy up to S$125 cashback depending on your Balance Transfer loan amount. Applicable for 6 and 12 months tenures only.
The promotion is valid till 31 Mar 2017.
Terms and conditions apply.

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OCBC Balance Transfer

Get extra cash for the things you need without the stress of high interests. Convert the available limit on your credit line or credit card to cash with Balance Transfer. Plus, you can pay off outstanding bills on other banks’ credit cards and enjoy interest savings.


No interest, low processing fee

Flexible repayment

  3 months 6 months 12 months
Applied Interest Rate (per year) 0% 0% 0%
Processing Fee 1.80% 2.50% 4.50%
Effective Interest Rate (per year) 7.22% 5.19% 4.99%

Online Exclusive Promotion

From now till 31 May 2017

New to Bank Customers
Enjoy a low one-time processing fee of 3.88% (EIR 4.33% p.a.) on your OCBC Balance Transfer 12-month loan when you apply online.

Existing OCBC customers
Customers who have existing relationship with OCBC
Enjoy a low one-time processing fee of 4.28% (EIR 4.76% p.a.) on your OCBC Balance Transfer 12-month loan when you apply via Online Banking or online form.

Terms and Conditions apply

How it works

How it works

Save on interest charges from other banks with OCBC Balance Transfer

Let’s say you have an outstanding amount of $7,000 over a 12-month period with Bank X

Current Situation

Your outstanding amount with Bank X$7,000

Interest rate you are paying (credit cards)24% per year

Interest amount to pay Bank X$1,680 per year

After Balance Transfer

Your outstanding amount with OCBC$7,000

Interest rate you are paying (Balance Transfer)Interest-free

One-time processing fee4.5%

Total amount to pay OCBC$315 You saved 81%
on interest charges!

2 ways to Apply

For existing OCBC Credit Card/EasiCredit customer

For customers without OCBC Credit Card/EasiCredit or Internet Banking