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Valerie, 30, and Gary, 33, have been busy doing what young couples traditionally tend to do � get married, buy a house and raise a family. Somewhere along the line, retirement, a goal that they had initially started planning for, took a back seat. Adrian, an OCBC Personal Financial Consultant has some advice on how they can meet their retirement goal.

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OCBC Life Goals Case Studies

Get more insights on how to better manage and protect your life goals such as living a comfortable retirement, securing your child's education and leaving behind a legacy.

Retirement planning

Never Too Late To Take Stock

A savvy investor in her own right, Christine began investing in her 20s when she was running her own business specialising in corporate gifts. Find out how she approaches retirement.

Estimate reading time: 3 minutes

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Retirement planning

Am I too young to think about retirement?

At 27, retirement is the last thing on Dan�s mind. Find out how he can make small changes to his life today to ensure a comfortable retirement.

Estimate reading time: 2 minutes

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The Retirement Planner