OCBC Credit Card Payments

More timely ways to pay your bills

Credit card bill payment methods such as cheque or AXS are not immediate and may take up to 3 business days to be processed. To avoid incurring any late fees, you can pay for your next OCBC credit card bill instantly using the following methods.

3 instant payment methods

Funds Transfer via FAST (Fast and Secure Transfer)

If you prefer to pay using another bank's account

How to pay with FAST using another bank's account:

  • Login to your other bank's online platform
  • Select Transfer Funds option
  • Add your OCBC credit card to your payee list (unless you had already added the card to the list)
  • Make the payment and remember to select the FAST (Fast and Secure Transfer) option
Steps for adding your OCBC credit card to your payee list may differ from bank to bank. Please seek assistance from your other bank if you encounter any difficulties.

OCBC Online Banking

If you have an OCBC current/savings account

How to pay with OCBC Online Banking:

  • Login to ocbc.com/login
  • Select "Payment & Transfer"
  • Select "Pay Bills"
  • Follow the instructions to complete the transaction
This service is also available on the OCBC Mobile Banking App.

Login to OCBC Online Banking

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OCBC Self-Help Machines


If you have an OCBC current/savings account with us, you may make payment at our ATM machines.

OCBC Cash Deposit Machine:

You may also pay with cash or an OCBC current/savings account at our Cash Deposit Machines.

Alternatively, payments can be automatically deducted on the due date from your bank account

Just complete the InterBank GIRO application form. You may also apply for GIRO through OCBC Online Banking if you wish to pay using your OCBC current/savings account.

Your application will take at least 6 weeks to process.

Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in the account at least one day before the payment due date.