The Power of Play in Early Childhood Development – An Age-by-Stage Guide

Simply by observing and experimenting, your child is making sense of the world around them. That's the power of play at work. Explore our age-by-stage guide and learn how you can harness play-based learning at home to bring out your child's best in the early years.

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Win a GV Gold Class® movie package

Open your kids' eyes to the world at the movies! Stand to win a private movie screening experience with your family and friends at GV Gold Class®. Simply deposit a minimum of S$400 (1 chance) or S$700 (2 chances) in fresh funds.

With OCBC Mighty Savers, you learn more, play more and win more!

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RichFood Catering

Exclusively for OCBC CDA holders, receive 3% off RichFood Catering Confinement Meal (28 Days Lunch & Dinner) T1.28 Days package, on top of the current promotion.

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Structured Deposit

Receive total fixed returns of up to 13.2% of your principal amount with OCBC 6-Year Stepped-Up Interest-Rate Linked Structured Deposit, featuring semi-annual payouts and a minimum principal amount of just S$5,000. For a limited time only.

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Children's Education

Securing a good education is a vital step towards a brighter future for your child. And when you consider the rising cost of education you’ll realise it’s important to plan early for it. Find out how much you need with our Children's Education Planner.

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Google Home

Connect to Singapore's first voice banking on Google Home. Simply say "Ok Google, talk to OCBC" to start planning your life goals, get market updates, find OCBC and more. Enjoy exclusive offers with OCBC and Starhub from now till 30 June 2018.

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