Playtime is more than just fun time. It is a great way for your child to develop cognitive and social-emotional skills, not to mention a good alternative to spending too much time on digital devices! Let OCBC Mighty Savers® help you teach your child the importance of financial literacy through play.

Grand Prize up for Grabs

This December, we’re excited to be giving away our grand prize, so don’t miss your final chance! Start saving for your child with OCBC Mighty Savers® and stand to win a S$10,000 Education Endowment Fund!

How to Win the Grand Prize

Simply deposit at least S$400 in fresh funds (not transferred from another OCBC account) to earn one chance, or deposit at least S$700 to double your chances in the Grand Draw.

Started saving but did not win the monthly draws? Not to worry! You’ve accumulated your chances to win in the Grand Draw. Keep saving to increase your chances!

Grand Draw Date: 15 January 2019

Not yet an OCBC Mighty Saver®?

Teach your child the value of good money management with OCBC Mighty Savers®, a savings programme that highlights the importance of savings. Join the programme now and enjoy higher interests when you save regularly for your child. Visit the nearest OCBC Bank to sign up for an OCBC Mighty Savers® Account now.

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Meet Singapore’s youngest director

Putting into practice what we preach, we tasked a six year-old to direct a commercial about the importance of financial literacy. Will she be up to the challenge? Follow Zemily’s journey as she expands her creativity during playtime and learns how to develop a commercial from scratch!

Episode 1: Ideation Through Play

What happens when you put a seasoned director, Peggy, together with a six-year-old, Zemily, to brainstorm for a commercial about saving? Will they get along? Watch to find out.

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Episode 2: Budgeting Through Play

After a successful client presentation, it’s time to review the budget for the commercial! Uh oh, does Zemily have enough money for her real princess, castle and bear? Watch to find out.

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Episode 3: Making Imagination Come to Life

Finally, Zemily learns how to direct a commercial! But it’s not just any kind of commercial, it’s a stop motion shoot with hundreds of paper cut-outs. How will it turn out? Watch to find out.

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Zemily's Masterpiece:
Princess Koryn and the Bear

You've followed Zemily throughout her commercial production journey - here's the final product! Princess Koryn meets an unlikely creature in the woods - a bear which only ate coins. Will they be friends?

Episode 1:
Ideation Through Play

Episode 2:
Budgeting Through Play

Episode 3:
Making Imagination Come to Life

Zemily's Masterpiece:
Princess Koryn and the Bear

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