Families100 Programme by OCBC

We recognise that more long-term befrienders are needed to reach out to and understand the needs of families with children living in rental flats. This way, they can connect with these families on a deeper level and will be able to act as a second pair of eyes, alongside the family’s assigned social worker, to identify specific assistance that can nudge them in the right direction to achieve their goals.

Addressing the gap in long-term support for low-income families.

How we help

This programme addresses MSF’s call, earlier in March 2023, for more long-term volunteers to support families with children living in rental flats.

The Families100 Programme by OCBC is the first ComLink long-term support initiative from the private sector. More than 200 staff volunteers will contribute 10,000 hours to support 100 families.

The 12-month volunteer period provides sufficient time for our volunteers to connect with the families on a deeper level; be more intuitive in spotting gaps and set the families along the right course.


Beyond financial support, other forms of assistance we offer include:

  • Providing access to sports and creative-centric avenues to help children and youths pursue their interests and academic journey.
  • Coaching parents to be financially-savvy, to better meet their loved ones’ needs.
  • Providing guidance on attending the right courses and applying for suitable grants to help individuals upskill and improve employability.

Each family unit will be supported by two OCBC staff volunteers and a MSF case worker throughout the 12-month journey.