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OCBC Cycle virtual ride powers to the finishing line with over 64000 km completed by close to 400 cyclists

OCBC Cycle virtual ride powers to the finishing line with over 64000 km completed by close to 400 cyclists

  • 06 Jun 2023

SINGAPORE, 6 June 2023 – The fourth year of OCBC Cycle Virtual Ride ended yesterday with 397 participants completing over 64,000 km. The conclusion of the virtual rides wraps up this year’s OCBC Cycle, which saw the successful completion of the first full-scale event earlier in May since the pandemic impacted mass sports participation events three years ago.

Ms Koh Ching Ching, Head of Group Brand and Communications, OCBC Bank, said: “We sincerely thank all riders, Friends of OCBC Cycle, the authorities and all who have made OCBC Cycle 2023 a success. We have seen many inspiring stories -- from the remarkable 53-year-old man who trained for his first long-distance Ironman triathlon event using the 500km Virtual Ride, to the awe-inspiring 21-year-old student who completed 500km in a two-day overseas cycling trip. As the enthusiasm for cycling continues to grow, we are glad that we can cater to the diverse needs of all participants and ensure a memorable experience for everyone”.

Source of motivation and building confidence

This year saw the introduction of the longest-ever virtual ride for OCBC Cycle’s 15-year period with The 500KM Virtual Ride. The new distance, similar to four “round-island rides” where cyclists ride around the outermost perimeter of Singapore, aims to pose a challenge for cycling enthusiasts while complementing the returning 100KM Virtual Ride.

Mr Kevin Teoh, 53, found OCBC Cycle Virtual Ride to be a great motivation while training for his first long-distance Ironman triathlon. The cycling segment of the Ironman triathlon will require participants to complete a 180.2km route in a single go – this is on top of the need to complete a 3.9km swim and a 42.2km full marathon. Mr Teoh said: “The virtual ride gave me a target distance to work toward for each ride, so that I can build the endurance to take part in the Ironman triathlon. Completing a long- distance Ironman triathlon event has been a goal of mine since 2020, and while the early morning rides and preparation have not been easy, the virtual rides have made the mundane nature of my routine training more exciting”.

Mr Kevin Teoh using OCBC Cycle’s 500KM Virtual Ride as part of his training for the Ironman triathlon.
Photo credit: Mr Kevin Teoh

Mr Teoh said: “OCBC Cycle Virtual Ride made it easier to not only find joy in cycling in one’s own time, but also to build an active lifestyle around sport and wellness. It’s a bonus knowing that there is a community out there doing the same”.

For Mr Nicholas Foo, 21, the virtual rides inspired him to achieve a new milestone in his cycling journey. Picking up cycling as a hobby at the start of the pandemic in 2020, Mr Foo was able to complete the 500km Virtual Ride over two days, a monumental leap from his previous personal best of 200km covered over a similar timeframe. Mr Foo shared: “The new virtual ride distance of 500km motivated me to take on the challenge of cycling from Singapore to Malaysia. Being part of the virtual ride spurred me to complete the event’s required distance and satisfy my goal of going on a cross-border bike tour. The ride required a lot of time and effort in preparation, but it is definitely a worthwhile experience”.

Picking up cycling during the pandemic has also helped Mr Nicholas Foo connect with nature and the environment.
Photo credit: Mr Nicholas Foo

For our in-person rides, the competitive cyclists raced along Stadium Drive at the OCBC Cycle Speedway Championships on 6 May and the leisure cyclists took to the scenic routes in The Sportive 40km Rides and The Straits Times 20km City Ride on 7 May. The young cyclists, aged between two to 12 years old, also took part in the Mighty Savers® Family Ride on 6 May. In studios, riders also moved to the beat at the Spin Ride by CRU sessions. With the conclusion of OCBC Cycle 2023, many participants will continue to enjoy cycling as a means of keeping active, family bonding and personal achievements.

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