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OCBC Cycle 2022 comes to a close with virtual rides attracting close to 3,700 cyclists

OCBC Cycle 2022 comes to a close with virtual rides attracting close to 3,700 cyclists

  • 07 Jun 2022

The virtual rides of OCBC Cycle 2022 concluded yesterday, with over 3,700 participants this year. This wraps up this year’s OCBC Cycle, which saw the successful completion of the in-person rides earlier in May. The 20km City Ride, which was held on 8 May with 2,000 cyclists joining, was the first in-person mass participation event after the announcement of Singapore’s easing of COVID-19 measures.

Ms Koh Ching Ching, Head of Group Brand and Communications, OCBC Bank, said: “After a successful completion of Singapore's first major in-person mass sporting event on 8 May, we welcome the finale of OCBC Cycle 2022 on 6 June as the virtual ride comes to a finish. We thank all cyclists for your enthusiastic support. We expect to stage a bigger event next year as Singapore and the region continue the trajectory to open up.”

Cycling in tandem

This year saw the introduction of the Team Challenge Virtual Ride, as well as the return of the popular 100km and 200km Virtual Rides. In its inaugural edition, close to 70 teams, joining as teams of four, took part in the Team Challenge to compete against one another and clock the longest distance over a maximum of 4 rides. The winning team, Wheels on Fire, completed a combined distance of 3146km from 7 May to 6 June. The team captain, Mr Mohankumar Natesan, 37, said: “Before taking part, we did not think that it was possible for us to complete a combined distance of over 3100km. However, we motivated each other along the way, and we’ve become better, faster, and stronger!”

Consistent interest in the virtual rides

Mr Arshad Jameel, 42, valued the flexibility and accessibility of the virtual ride format. An avid cyclist with a love for nature, Mr Arshad has been cycling to work daily since 2020. “The virtual rides allow me to participate in OCBC Cycle while juggling my work and family commitments, by clocking my mileage from my daily commutes to work. Without the format, I would not have been able to participate in the event this year.”

Mr Arshad also felt that the daily cycling commute has allowed him to better himself and work towards a greener future, one pedal-stroke at a time. “Cycling to work has not only helped in my physical and mental well-being, but it also lets me play my part to reduce my carbon footprint and protect the environment.”

Making up for lost time

For some OCBC Cycle participants, taking part in the virtual rides this year was a significant milestone. 

Mr Jason Tay, 59, suffered a heart attack in 2020, and cycling has motivated him on his road to recovery. Mr Tay completed the 42km Virtual Ride in 2020 and 2021 but took on a bigger challenge this year by participating in the 100km Virtual Ride. “The virtual rides allowed me to break up the distance into two rides, which made the challenge less daunting. Being able to complete 100km is something I did not think possible a year ago, but I am proud to have been able to achieve this goal. Taking part in OCBC Cycle has motivated me to complete longer distances, set new goals, and helps me to stay healthy and physically fit.”

For Ms Pavithra Naik, the OCBC Cycle virtual rides allowed her daughter, Thanvi Sidharth Naik, 5, to complete her first-ever cycling event, and experience the world around her on four wheels. “She grew up during the pandemic, and we could not bring her outside to take part in events, or to explore and experience nature. Now she’s inquisitive and excited to bring her bike out, and I’ve seen her confidence grow. Completing her first-ever Mighty Savers® Kids Virtual Ride has inspired her to set new goals, and she’s looking for her next challenge!”

With the conclusion of OCBC Cycle 2022, many participants continue to enjoy cycling as a means of exercise, family bonding and entertainment. As Singapore continues to open up and ease restrictions, the cycling community can look forward to more events such as OCBC Cycle, to continue staying active and healthy together.

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ANNEX A – OCBC Cycle Team Challenge Virtual Ride Results 





Wheels on Fire

3146 km


Team Horang

1786 km



1765 km


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