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    Life at OCBC

    At OCBC, we do not just merely provide a working space. We create a culture that allows you to flourish. Across the Bank, our leaders encourage fresh ideas, reward continuous learning and most importantly, we care for not just you but also your family.

    Find out what it means to work at OCBC.

    Brand tagline

    We See You

    We recognise each of you as individuals and the value you bring to OCBC – your passion, your creativity, your intellect, your potential and yes, your uniqueness.

    We see the best in you.


    The way we work | Life at OCBC

    At OCBC, we do not just merely provide a working space. We recognise the passion, creativity, intellect, potential and uniqueness that each individual brings. Here's how we work. #weseeyou #lifeatocbc

    OCBC Executive Development Programme

    Many may think some people are born to lead, but even the best can be nurtured to be better. Here's how we do it at OCBC.


    A premier learning and development institute

    The best organisations thrive because of the strength of their people. We pull together the best minds from industry and academic partners, and provide the best learning opportunities for our people. Come flourish in our strong learning culture.

    We support diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

    Experience signature programmes that empower our people to pay it forward, evoke change and contribute to a sustainable ecosystem.

    Campus Star Awards 2019

    Each year, OCBC Campus appreciates our Learning Champions who volunteer their time freely to impart knowledge and skills to the rest of the bank. In 2019, we recognised 480 Learning Champions.

    My name is Lyn and I am a Mentor | OCBC Leaders

    Lyn attributes her success to selfless mentors who shared their life experience and advice throughout her career. Now, she strives to help others through paying it forward.

    My name is Suiunbek and I am a Mentor | OCBC Leaders

    Suiunbek forsook convention for growth — from Kyrgyzstan to Germany, London to Singapore. With the MentorMe programme, Suiunbek is inspiring others to grow beyond their comfort zone.

    We make sure our people are Future Smart.

    Benefit from the largest and most ambitious digital transformation initiative from a local bank. We have invested S$20 million to bring 29,000 employees into the future world.

    Future Smart, Future Workforce Learning Festival

    Our people are the bedrock of OCBC Bank's sustainable high performance. Future Smart, Future Workforce is about empowering them to be ready for the future world. See highlights from our 2-day learning festival at OCBC Campus on 8 & 9 July 2019.

    Future Smart, Future Workforce – Aisha Poh

    In Aisha's words, "High Tech has helped me to be more High Touch with our customers." Witness her transformational journey!

    Future Smart, Future Workforce – Cliff Shoung

    Cliff epitomises the spirit of a life-long learner. He is a spirited sexagenarian who is currently assisting 4,000 employees in the GO&T division through upskilling and reskilling programmes. Watch his transformational journey!

    We keep our ear close to the ground.

    Stay connected to global and economic issues. We host events that keep the Bank at the cutting-edge of conversations.

    We invest in your holistic development.

    Enjoy learning in the purest form – experientially. We believe life contains learning moments that help us perform better at a professional and personal level.

    We have the best partners in town.

    Get the most relevant learning content and certification from reputable organisations.

    Employee benefits

    Flexible and competitive benefits

    We know that no two people are identical in their preferences. Our flexible benefits plan allows you to select and tailor the optimal package for your unique desires.